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News |  23 Dec 2020 22:34 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Rappers 7Bantai'Z brings retro Bollywood in 'Meter Down'

MUMBAI: Dharavi rappers 7Bantai'Z dropped a Retro 80's Mumbai vibe song “Meter Down”, featuring rapper Kaam Bhaari.

Rappers Mr. Scam, Crackpot, Yoku B.I.G., Mc Notez, Sid J, Bonz N Ribz of 7Bantai’Z and Kaam Bhaari bring together an eclectic track with an interesting music video having a surprise cameo by the Gully Gang from Gully Boy’s hip-hop artist D’EVIL. The desi rap was composed by AAKASH.

7Bantai'Z have been a rap crew for a long time, sharing about how they create music, “We sit together listen to some music, vibe on it, brainstorm, we do have some disagreements because it’s difficult sometimes to agree on the same thing 7 of us, still at the end we manage to input all the ideas and make a banger”.

Kaam bhaari and 7Bantai'Z were planning to work together from a very long time but didn't get the opportunity but at the end they figured out, “kaam bhaari is a positive and motivating kinda guy it's always fun to vibe and chill with him”.

Speaking about how the cameo by D'EVIL came about for the music video, “When we were writing the script, we were thinking who was the perfect fit for the villain”. They were brainstorming and soon they knew devil was the perfect fit because he always carried this gangster kinda look whenever they met him, and he just did the best, “no other could have done it best”.

The rap gang that began on the streets of Dharavi, 7Bantai’Z have been a crew since they were 13- 14-year olds studying together. They gained inspiration and guidance from famous rap gangs like Dharavi United and Dopeadelicz to learn the nuances of rap, hip-hop and soon the 7 members over the years rose to fame with a number of rap bangers in various languages. From working with Netflix to creating firecracker original songs, many more cool projects are in the pipeline.

Further, 7Bantai'Z reveals they dream to collaborate with AR Rahman. “Music is always about expressing yourself and we love when our fans love when we tell our story, we always take our fans on a journey, a small ride through our life, our hood, our city”. Currently they are working on an ep of 6 songs from the last 5 months they can't wait to put it out and watch the reactions of the audience.