Entertainment  |  15 Dec 2022

7Bantaiz debut EP ‘Into The Slum' is a masterclass on self-contemplation

MUMBAI: Hailing from the slums of Dharavi in Mumbai, the multilingual hip-hop group is endlessly putting out relatable rhymes with clever music and

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Entertainment  |  26 Dec 2020

When you see 7Bantaiz you see unity, love, brotherhood says Kaam Bhaari

MUMBAI: Rapper Kaam Bhaari who was nominated at the European Music awards 2020, featured in 7 Bantai'Z retro 80’s mumbai vibe song "Meter Down".

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Entertainment  |  02 May 2019

Get ready to 'Lose it' with Raja RME's new single

MUMBAI: Cashing in the storm of rap, the nation is struck with, rapper and entrepreneur Raja Mukherjee aka 

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Biz  |  23 Apr 2019

Smaaash summer anthem's ultimate 'Gully Beat' to beat the summer heat!

MUMBAI: For people dying to celebrate their freedom this summer, be it from schools and colleges, or from financial year endings, SMAAASH Entertain

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