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News |  09 Nov 2020 12:09 |  By RnMTeam

Hip-Hop artist Shen B releases a Surreal music video for his latest single, ‘Sone Do’

MUMBAI: Jammu-based hip-hop artist Shayaan Bhat aka Shen B has released the music video for his latest single, “Sone Do.” Filmed in the hills surrounding the viridescent town of Bhaderwah in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, the scenic feature is an escapist glimpse into a man’s gritty unwinding. Featuring lo-fi production as well as elements of R&B, “Sone Do” is a hip-hop track confronting the cost of dreams and the value of the present. An ethereal and eerie mirror to current global anxieties, the song is a rumination on humanity’s purpose. This release forms the rapper/producer's eighth single since “Chal Beta,” his explosive breakout offering which released in 2019. Shen B fuses astute Hindi and Urdu lyricism with borderless production prowess on “Sone Do,” tapping into the power of truth and storytelling as he evolves with every track.

Watch the music video for “Sone Do” here:

Shot by Mumbai/Jammu-based filmmaker Wikki Koul, the music video for “Sone Do” unfolds in the foothills of the Himalayas. Sheathed in hues of blue and grey, the three and a half-minute feature explores a man’s journey into the solitary wilderness. Filmed across a stretch of overcast days, “Sone Do” taps into the notions of emptiness, hustle culture and stillness, contrasting the effects of the present on what becomes past, as well as honoring the memories that find their way to the future. Meditatively melancholic, the music video employs instinctive, guerilla-style filmmaking to tell an almost documentary-like story of a man finding peace. As the mountains stand vigil over him, Shen B sets off to reflect on existence, reminding listeners of what they might be leaving behind in the race against time.

Says Shen B, “We, as human beings, need to look back and reflect on what we are leaving behind; how our legacy affects the world and how it affects us. Sometimes, we win the race, but lose everything we hold dear in the pursuit of material goals. ‘Sone Do’ is about finding value in the present and cherishing the now. The song perfectly captures what my mother once told me: Yeh khamosh mizaaji tumhe jeene nahi degi. Iss daur mein jeena hai toh kohraam macha do (Your silence will not lead you anywhere. To thrive in this world, you have to make an uproar.) Coincidentally, ‘Sone Do’ released on November 5th, my late mother’s birthday; in honor of her memory. I hope ‘Sone Do’ wakes people from their adapted slumbers, I hope ‘Sone Do’ inspires them to live the life they truly want.”

The music video for “Sone Do” was filmed during the pan India COVID-19 lockdown. Employing the sole instrument of the Sony A6300 camera, coupled with a single kit lens, Shen B and the crew explored the undulating verdure of Jammu, interacting with nature and its elements while living in tents during the duration of the shoot. The falls from steep mountain slopes, jumps across roaring rivers and slumbers in the embrace of the Earth culminated in a film and song of catharsis and freedom. All that adventure birthed many a life lesson, eventually translating into the deeply experiential and moving music video for “Sone Do.” Through this single, Shen B’s poses a reminder to people to live in the present. The essence of existence, after all, lies right here — in the everlasting now.


Music, Lyrics and Rap: Shen B
Direction: Shen B and Wikki Koul
Costume and Makeup: Shen B
Mix: Shen B
Master: Dub Sharma
Video (Shot and Edited by): Wikki Koul