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News |  26 Mar 2020 17:45 |  By RnMTeam

Here's a look at the judges of American Idol – ranked best to worst!

MUMBAI: The show that started off 2002, American Idol has come a long way. With the show that ended in 2016, then renewed for its 15th edition two years back, comes back to the screens in 2020. While the show’s production has shut until further notice, Star World will still be airing all its shot episodes starting 30th March, every Monday-Friday at 9PM!

Millions of people in the world fell in love with the idea, the style, the judges, and the search for singers. Talking of the judges, many have come and gone. And for many of us, the show has been about the judges – the feuds, the tears, the banter, and all the gossipy feuds that come with the show. Let’s take a look at the judges ranked from best to worst –

1. Simon Cowell

Known for his comments on performances, Cowell has always kept us at the edge of our seats!

“I thought it was horrendous actually.”

“It started off okay, and then you played the harmonica.”

“My advice would be, if you want to pursue a career in the music business: don’t.”

He was blunt and that was indeed the best part because his eye for talent was spot-on and his insults would force you to into that part of yourself where you’d secretly agree with him. He was clearly the best of them all.

2.  Paula Abdul

Paula, one of the sweetest judges of all, brought her serious heart and chemistry to the show. She was enthusiastic, she flirted, she cried, she was a package!

3. Jennifer Lopez

Lopez was the most caring, affectionate, and easily and genuinely moved judge on American Idol. She had a long stay at the show – for about four seasons all in all.

4.  Randy Jackson

He has been the judge for the longest time – from the first season to the 13th edition, Randy Jackson served as the judge on the show. There was a reason he lasted at the show for so long – he held no punches, but was rarely cruel; and he brought real credibility to the show from day one.

5. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj proved to be a more nurturing judge than you could imagine. She was fond of her contestants but not so much of her fellow judge – Mariah Carey. They continued to spar – including some of hilarious arguments they’d have – sucking attention from contestants.

6.  Ellen Degeneres 

She makes it to this list because while she can do almost anything, she sat through the entire season – season 9 of the show, saying almost nothing. In one of her interviews later on, she said that “Joining American Idol was one of the worst decisions I’ve made…I thought, ‘I’m going to represent those people at home that have opinions, that like somebody or don’t.’ But then I just thought, ‘I can’t break this person’s heart. Let somebody else do that.”

American Idol’s Season 18 is currently airing in India only on Star World every Monday-Friday at 9pm with simultaneous airing of the US international release starting March 23rd!