Entertainment  |  17 Apr 2023

Simon Cowell quits smoking after puffing on 40 cigarettes a day

MUMBAI: 'Britain's Got Talent' judge Simon Cowell says he has finally quit smoking cigarettes after decades of puffing away.

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Entertainment  |  26 Feb 2021

Simon Cowell on 2020 accident: It could have been a lot worse

MUMBAI: Music mogul Simon Cowell recalls how his motorbike accident last year nearly smashed his spine to pieces, adding that the minute it happene

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Entertainment  |  23 Dec 2020

Simon Cowell walks five miles a day

MUMBAI: Music and TV mogul Simon Cowell is recovering well after injuring his back a few months ago.

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Entertainment  |  11 Aug 2020

Simon Cowell opens up on breaking back in e-bike mishap

MUMBAI: Music mogul Simon Cowell has thanked everyone for wishing him speedy recovery, after his surgery following his electric bike accident.

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Entertainment  |  10 Aug 2020

Simon Cowell hospitalised with broken back

MUMBAI: Music mogul Simon Cowell has been hospitalised after breaking his back in an electric bike accident.

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Entertainment  |  26 Mar 2020

Here's a look at the judges of American Idol – ranked best to worst!

MUMBAI: The show that started off 2002, American Idol has come a long way.

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Entertainment  |  17 Dec 2019

Leona Lewis: I enjoy being a solo artist

MUMBAI: Singer-songwriter Leona Lewis says she wouldn't have done well in a band, and enjoys being a solo artist.

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Entertainment  |  30 Aug 2019

Simon Cowell quips about workout video

MUMBAI: Music mogul Simon Cowell jokes he will release a fitness DVD with Britain's Got Talent co-judge David Walliams after losing nine

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Simon Cowell
Entertainment  |  18 Jan 2019

Simon Cowell 'stole the idea' for Britain's Got Talent

MUMBAI: Music mogul Simon Cowell confesses that he 'stole the idea' for Britain's Got Talent (BGT) from a rival music show.

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Entertainment  |  04 Dec 2018

Williams blames himself for having no act in 'The X Factor' final

MUMBAI : Singer Robbie Williams says it is because he was away for three weeks in South America while on tour, which damaged his performers' chanc

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Entertainment  |  20 Nov 2018

Cheryl's 'X Factor' act sparks complaints

MUMBAI : Singer Cheryl's performance on X Factor has sparked complaints to watchdog Ofcom from viewers, who deemed her set ‘too raunchy’.

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