| 22 Jun 2024
Sahas Malhotra appointed as Director at Amazon Music India

MUMBAI: It's no more a hidden fact that Amazon will continue to expand in its biggest market after United States of America, and with the available opportunities that India tends to provide, the e-commerce website has deeply and exclusively explored its options to capitalise in the race. The latest such development arrives through the appointment of Sahas Malhotra as the Director of Amazon Music in India.

Malhotra, the former Senior Vice President at Tips Industries Limited, joined the Seattle based organisation's Indian division's position in December. With an experience of at least 18 years in the field of entertainment business, Malhotra possesses a rich knowledge of film marketing, music P&L, catalog licensing, media planning, music publishing among several other categories.

Malhotra joined Tips in 2010 October and carried out several duties in the organisation for six straight years. Although the job at Tips involved spearheading several projects and campaigns across the company's short-term and long-term ambitions, it is his tenure and profile at Sony Music India that further steers his appointment as ideal for a digital platform like Amazon. Former Tips' VP worked for at least 12 years at Sony Music India - from 1998 April to 2010 October. Malhotra joined Sony Music at a time when the ecosystem was embracing the Digital and modern phases of music consumption and the evolving market. He also led Sony Music's P&L responsibilities.