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News |  23 Sep 2019 22:01 |  By RnMTeam

Hyatt Centric: Indie artists make 'Sofar Sounds' a memorable affair!

MUMBAI: On a breezy Saturday evening, the stage was set for a perfect musical extravaganza in the middle of some music enthusiasts. Spread across the hall was a colourful mattress on which, colourful cushions, bean bags were placed to comfort the onlookers, who gladly awaited their favourite musicians to take over the podium. Yes, we are talking about Sofar Sounds – a concert, held at Hyatt Centric in Bengaluru on 21 September, which was a memorable affair!

The show was opened by Delhi’s high energetic performer Kavya Trehan, who took us on a completely different musical high as she performed on her songs, including her single, Underscore. She presented a strip down version of her tracks. Her energetic voice and the accompanying music enthralled the crowd that went berserk. The singer, who writes her own songs, set the mood for the evening, thus making it blissful!

Next artist was Chennai based 22-year-old singer-songwriter, Stevie, who in spite of being unwell, gave a fabulous performance. His music is a concoction of acoustic pop, R&B, alt rock and ambient electronica, which stem from his acoustic guitar. The crowd including his manager Siddharth, motivated Stevie as he stood by his commitment to perform at the Sofar Sounds concert irrespective of his ill-health. This, therefore, makes us believe that no matter what, it is the passion that keeps the spirit of young indie musicians alive!

In the end, came the blast! It was Paperboat band that ended Sofar Sounds on a bang on energetic note! Lead by their vocalist – Rahul Rajkhowa, the band made the crowd go crazy on some upbeat numbers! Rahul was the ultimate charmer, whose energy was quite infectious and we all joined him as he sang and played on his guitar. He was joined by Sandeepan on drums, who had bunked his college for performing at the event and Akash (South Indian musician) was on the bass, Paperboat is a Blues band that played a mix of hip hop, reggae soulful music, retro funk and RnB. But, their song on social issues made us go ‘we have got problems’ as we followed their lead vocalist. Their musical session ended with a high energetic reggae performance.

Well, Hyatt Centric Bengaluru and Sofar Sounds indeed put up a fabulous musical display.

Besides, the local cuisine from Karnataka, added to the fervour of this celebration. From Ragi Podi Idli to temple food and some fish and mutton delights, cocktails like the Laal Bangch added to the fervour as visitors gorged on these delights.

Meanwhile, the homely secret concept that gives tourists a peak into the local music and food, commenced in 2018 and had a successful affair at select hotels for secret in cities including New York, Chicago, Madrid and Montevideo and Uruguay etc. Sofar Sounds is indeed an intimate affair for tourists to feel a local connect. Hyatt Centric’s exotic location and collaboration with Sofar Sounds to provided indie musicians a podium, indeed is a remarkable initiative to look forward to.