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News |  19 Apr 2019 11:35 |  By RnMTeam

Slowly Slowly: Action replay with Guru and Pitbull

MUMBAI: The big T-Series single Slowly Slowly is finally out and though it’s pleasing to see the collaboration between Guru Randhawa and Pitbull, the song and video disappoints one.

When you put in the effort to get east and west, one expects a stellar output, anything average is not acceptable, but unfortunately, Gifty -- the video director of Slowly Slowly -- has treated this song no different. Yes! They are in Miami but what’s different! The director hasn’t put in the effort to explore the beauty of the place, in fact, its one helicopter view that leads you to a weekend home with girls, pool, Guru and Pitbull.

The choreography too is mundane. You literally feel the need to yawn seeing the two talented performers churning out moves that we’ve seen a zillion times. And, what’s with the pretty girls standing awkwardly in the background while the singers take the lead. If there was a need for stationary objects, pretty humans should have not been used. A few dance moves also remind one of Bum Diggy Diggy song.

Getting to music, it talks about the old subject girls. Yes, Slowly Slowly has nothing new to offer apart from a new video created in Miami with never before seen collaboration – that was put to sheer waste – and of course the song title. Names like DJ Shadow, BlackOut, DJ Money Willz, Vee Music, MKSHFT have created a party song that will make it big at the youth hangout spots, but if you’re expecting any takeaways from this song, there are none.

Check the song here -

Gully Boy’s may have changed the way India looks at rap, but our singles continue to aim YouTube views and Slowly Slowly is the best example of that.