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News |  10 Apr 2019 17:13 |  By RnMTeam

What to expect at Rihanna's India Concert?

MUMBAI: While Beyonce refused to a public concert in India but performed for the big-fat Ambani wedding, the ultra-glamorous Rihanna is all set to dazzle India with her debut concert scheduled in October 2019 in Mumbai. Ever since the news of RiRi’s visit came out, her fans have not stopped gushing. Whats so special about Rihanna that is making everyone go ga-ga?

Glamour quotient: Rihaana’s glamour is not the routine stuff. She is the diva. She sets the rules and the fashion world works on them. She will be on the stage performing in her daring clothes, changing Fashion trends in India.

Never heard before music:  Be it Umbrella or Unfaithful, RiRi’s music is known for its uniqueness. However, live performances are always a different ball game. Indians can expect a crazy level of energy and thrill at the live concerts.

Star power unparalleled: Many have come and performed in India and their star power sold tickets equal to many thousands. However, the sheer frenzy about Rihanna is unprecedented. We won't be surprised the whole of Bollywood comes flocking with the singing diva for a picture or two at bash thrown by the film fraternity.

Mega set-ups: The scale of set designs will take another leap. The sets have to be as massive and grand as the performing star herself.

A playlist full of chartbusters: Nine Grammy and 12 Billboard Music awards are a proof of the chartbusting music that she has given till now. We can expect Love The Way You Lie, umbrella, Rude Boy, Dont Stop The Music among many others to be performed.

Crazy dance moves: The concert organisers should run a contest of getting the money back if Rihaana’s performances don’t teach you some groovy moves for your next dance opportunity.

Tantrums : Hope not! Justin Bieber came to perform and demanded for a washing machine to Jacuzzi. As much tantrums are a part of a star’s existence, hope Rihaana gives us less reasons to be upset about. Apart from that, can’t wait for the music diva to perform in Mumbai this year taking the October heat few notches higher.