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News |  05 Jun 2018 18:48 |  By RnMTeam

Our performance levels have been standardized and Sennheiser has played a key role: Raghu Dixit

MUMBAI: Raghu Dixit, who recently launched the newest Evolution G4 microphone of Sennheiser India, spoke wholeheartedly about the brand he has been associated for over six years now.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch of Sennheiser’s new microphone, Raghu said, “I have been associated with Sennheiser India for almost six years now. It’s been a great and a very non-business like arrangement for us, which began during MTV Unplugged, six years back. Several times we have been in trouble and Sennheiser has come forward to save the situation for me. I want to share an instance; we had landed in the UK to perform our first gig at the London Jazz Cafe in London, but we didn’t have in-ears as our bags were stuck in Abu Dhabi during that time. So we called Sennheiser India, who called someone in the UK and made sure we were provided with in-ears and that’s how our performance happened.”

Dixit also revealed how Sennheiser India was an eye opener for their band in terms of their performance and how it was elevated with the help of the company’s gears.  He said, “It was on the occasion of MTV Unplugged, six years back that we were given in-ears for the first time. We were never used to it. So, during the performance, we were all falling apart, we couldn’t hear each other. It was for the first time, I realized what a horrible band we were because we heard ourselves and realized that there was a miss of tempo. So, that’s when I realized that we need high-end gears not only during our performance but at the time of rehearsals also. Hence, we wrote to Sennheiser India.”

Spilling beans of their first deal and how the gears from Sennheiser helped their band, Dixit told, “The first part of the deal was that all the members of the band get in-ears. We started using in-ears and we could keep track through our phone. It guided us and kept us together. This improved a lot of our performance issues. Later, we got standardized microphones different from the ordinary ones we use to get at the venue during our performance.”

 Now most of our equipment on stage are standardized. We have an entire range of Sennheiser drum microphones, all the microphones that we need for our vocals and guitar apps. We carry all along with us. Our performance levels have been standardized in terms of equipment and Sennheiser has played a key role in it,” the multi-talented folk musician added.

Raghu Dixit, who launched Wandering Minstrel Records and Studios in 2016, credits Sennheiser and Nauman for the latest microphone and gears the studio is equipped with.

On this, the lead vocalist and founder of the Raghu Dixit project said, “My studio is a Sennheiser studio, you can say. Everything here is Nauman or Sennheiser.”

Lastly, Raghu signed off not before telling the contribution of gears in the performance of a musician. He said, “If the musician is good, the gears take him to the next level, but if the musician himself is bad the gear cannot save the a**.”

The launch event was held at ITC Maratha in Mumbai, where the multi-faceted musician also performed, using the newly launched device.