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News |  28 Aug 2017 18:38 |  By RnMTeam

I don't think Bollywood is the only hope for new artistes; Rekha Bhardwaj

MUMBAI: It was in 2006 when Bollywood music industry got Rekha Bhardwaj, a singer who rules the industry with her style of singing. While she entered the industry with Namak Ishq Ka, Bhardwaj has always selective about the songs she picks.

Bhardwaj is proud of the fact that she works mostly in the independent space. Despite creating a place for herself in Bollywood, Bhardwaj appreciates independent music and does not believe that Bollywood is the only hope for a new artiste. “Bollywood has become vast because of the films and celebrity stars, with which the reach becomes more. But parallel music is also happening and we should focus more on it because that is where creativity and real talent comes from. I would say for Bollywood your gun should be loaded. No matter what you do here, you have to be prepared”, said Bhardwaj.

Bhardwaj was impressed with the 5th Veda of Whistling Wood International, with the management and facilities provided to the students. She said, “I like the efforts put in by Subhash Ghai and the team, because this not just a learning, but creating a whole foundation for a student. I am trained in a ‘Guru – Shishya Parampara’ where learning is on a one on one basis, and the same environment is created here.”

On independent space and how it has stuck only to art, Bhardwaj said, “I won’t say it is the same scenario now. Yes it is difficult because of Bollywood. There are people who like independent music also. These artistes are able to get their music reach to more people with Hungama, Artist Aloud, and also the internet plays a big role. Financially the growth is slow unless you make a big name, I think that is the case in Bollywood also. When you are a beginner you have to work hard, you have to keep honing your skills and keep working on it, don’t give up,” she advised.

Bhardwaj feels that singing reality shows on television help the new artiste with an opening in the industry, giving fair due to all. She believes this because these shows have directors and composers also as their audience. Her only concern with television reality shows is the artistes sing songs that have been sung and heard over the years. She believes a singer should sing fresh songs and that is where the skills are challenged.

Having seen Bollywood film industry closely, Bhardwaj explained how the industry is gradually changing along with changes in preferences. She believes western music entered the industry with the second generation of singers and composers like Vishal Dadlani, who also accepted the change by using heavy voices.

The new trend of recreating or remixes of old songs bothers Bhardwaj to some extent. “In a way, the songs are being unveiled to the new generation via remixes without making them aware of the essence of the original song. Also, remixes are just rhythm, made for dance, and are generally nothing to hear with closed eyes when one wishes to relax - which is actually the time one wishes to listen to meaningful songs. Also, they are so noisy. Not every remix is made esthetically,” ended the Kabira singer.