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News |  19 Apr 2017 10:00 |  By RnMTeam

Top ten songs that highlights the prevalent sexism in Bollyowood

MUMBAI: What's up peeps? It's another day and the rat race starts again. Speaking of rat races, Bollywood has never really run out of fresh faces although their age old ways of getting views on their music videos haven’t really changed. Using a woman’s body to literally get away with anything they wish to serve as art has really earned Bollywood the big bucks. But sometimes the songs really go overboard with the demeaning lyrics and constant portrayal of a woman’s sexuality. This trend in Bollywood really makes one think what we pay for and why we even pay for it? It’s definitely not what our culture or any culture for that matter promotes and it’s alarming how these songs get so many views and plays. The kind of ideas they inculcate in the minds of their target audience kind of questions the messages they want to send through these songs.

Here is a list of ten of the sleaziest songs Bollywood has proudly made a part of its fraternity.

How about a great grand life sentence or maybe isolation from society?

“ABCD padh li bohot”, sure mama’s proud

Don’t even want to….

All this while men thought staring at women inappropriately makes them uncomfortable, but Bollywood has its way around such things.

Let’s not get ‘into’ the details straight away

How about no thanks?

Nas Nas Nasty!!

Just an overdose of optimism

Someone call daddy and mummy!!

There’s something called Tinder, woman!