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News |  11 Feb 2017 16:19 |  By RnMTeam

Vh1 Supersonic 2017 goes Chakachak with six larger than life dustbins

MUMBAI: Vh1 Supersonic 2017 has probably already generated the biggest buzz of the year with the star-studded headliners, Eric Prydz, Macklemore and ZEDD along with a top-notch lineup that has pretty much shaken up Pune with the raging footfall from all over the country. Everybody wants to be a part of this wild weekend which offers a main stage that could totally fit into the Jungle Book movie, a cool flea market and obviously good food but it just doesn’t stop there. This year at Vh1 Supersonic, Viacom 18 (the mother brand) has made it a point to give dustbins their due respect.

Melodrama is every Indian’s birthright and it is an absolute necessity to romanticize every problem otherwise it’s too normal for the general public to connect. After all the world does think we wake up dancing to Bollywood numbers in the morning with synchronized dance steps and random people celebrating in the background. So it was not very surprising when the organisers decided to tackle global warming and pollution with some L-O-V-E! I mean c’mon don’t tell me you weren’t expecting a trash can called ‘Love Can’ at an EDM fest? See!! Now you hurt its feelings. Go grab a selfie with this lil fella after you treat him to some dirty plastic goodies. This one’s a polyester junkie!!

Alright alright, that’s just one. Yes, of course, there are more of them, jeez! Stop it already! This one might stink a bit of alcohol. I guess daddy issues but nonetheless, you can chug your empty glasses into it and if you’re sober enough to do it thrice in a row, you win a point playaa! This bad boy is called ‘Slammed Dunk!’ Make some noise!!

Branded with ‘Chakachak Supersonic’, Viacom18 presents to you the third garbage eater and this one likes to play. Hmm, suggestive! The ‘Let’s Play’can will enhance your garbage throwing experience here at Supersonic. You wanna play? You gotta throw some serious trash.

So we have successfully established the fact that trash cans are important. In fact, trash has a whole new meaning now. Did you know there are certain psychic trash cans? No? Well, you know now but it’s expensive to get their appointments so Vh1 Supersonic for the first time in the history of mankind brings to you the ‘Future Can.’ Got a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Just remove your shoes and offer it some empty water bottles and half eaten apples and you will win yourself a free tarot card reading. Isn’t this awesome or what?

If you have made it so far into this article, you have perhaps come across the part that talks about the main stage that could be home to Sherkhan. But unfortunately, it will be home to thousands of humans who have the tendency of producing trash when they are present in huge numbers. Vh1 Supersonic did not want to ruin the tropical touch of the stage by bringing in waste cans that say ‘Use Me’, hell no! They introduced the ‘Jungle Can.’ Welcome to the jungle people. If you have got something to throw when ZEDD pumps up the party, Supersonic has something for you to throw it in, the ‘Jungle Can.’ Roaaarr!!

Last but not the least the sauve, the hep, the cool cat ‘Techno Can.’ The ‘Awakenings’ stage is all about the bright lights, geometric designs, cool beats and one heck of a party. To keep the party going on, it’s also spilled onto the Chakachak Supersonic ‘Techno’ can that’s been placed at the ‘Awakenings’ stage! Cool neon pinks and blues let this guy blend right into the décor which looks even better when the strobe lights come on! This can might just get lucky!

With the organizers ensuring that you have a super clean experience at Vh1 Supersonic 2017 with an army of housekeeping staff and 50 of these innovative dustbins all over the venue, please do your bit and throw trash in these cans provided. – after all, it’s YOUR festival! Oh hey, and don’t forget to snap a selfie while you’re at it!