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News |  23 May 2016 20:03 |  By RnMTeam

Bombay Bassment to release reworked debut album

MUMBAI: For its second album, Bombay Bassment has upped the game with a collaboration that brings two distinctive sounds together. With Bassment's reggae-urban sonic essence, and Randolph Coreira a.k.a FUNC's funky grooves and electronic approach, the Mumbai-based four-piece outfit will present a unique sound through the latest effort 'Bombay Bassment X FUNC VIP'.

'Bombay Bassment X FUNC VIP' - potentially the electronic avatar of the band's self-titled debut album - transcends the sound beyond its identity created since 2004. Pentagram and Shaa'ir + Func's guitarist Randolph Coreira reworked on the compositions, ensuring addition of certain elements that would eventually produce a refreshing rendition of the ten-track album.

"When Randolph worked on our album, everything sounded different. The final product sounded good. And it was too good to be thrown under the carpet. Hence, we eventually decided to put the album out. And I am sure, the independent scene will welcome and love the cocktail of ideas and sounds that we have created," said Bobkat, vocalist of Bombay Bassment. "What Randolph has brought to the album has been a consistent distinctive sound. VIP is an album that might just shock you momentarily. It is nothing like you would have imagined Bombay Bassment to pull off."

With unchanged lyrics, Bobkat added the absence of lyrical additions ensured the vocalist had the least amount of job to rework on. Produced, mixed and mastered by Randolph, the sound revolves around the genres of electronic, new-age reggae and funk. “It’s a “Bombay album” in how Bombay understands and plays reggae and hip-hop. We’re not trying to be authentic. This is our take on this music,” says Randolph of the collaboration. “There’s a lot of East Indian vibes, Marathi vibes on this album, and a lot of subtle local, urban vibes that we decided to put on the album,” he adds.

Bobkat finds the current phase extremely fascinating for alternative musicians and the scene. "With publications and TV channels waiting to promote you, I always tell the newer musicians to make the most of the opportunity. The time is right, the content is good, and we now focus to be more prolific henceforth."

With a music video and a five-city tour lined up, Bombay Bassment's promotion for the album would be in full swing from 1 June.

Gig details:

City: Mumbai
Date: June 3
Venue: antiSOCIAL

City: Pune
Date: June 10
Venue: High Spirits

City: Chandigarh
Date: June 15
Venue: S Cafe

City: Delhi
Date: June 16
Venue: antiSOCIAL

City: Bangalore
Date: June 17
Venue: The Humming Tree