Entertainment  |  07 Aug 2023

In Honour of Hip-Hop’s 50th Birthday, Def Jam Recordings India Announces A Multi-City Event

Featuring Raga, HanumanKind, Bella, Rawal, Bobkat, Killa K, Irfana, Chaar Diwaari, Parimal Shais, DJ Ishani and DHP

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Entertainment  |  02 May 2019

Get ready to 'Lose it' with Raja RME's new single

MUMBAI: Cashing in the storm of rap, the nation is struck with, rapper and entrepreneur Raja Mukherjee aka 

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Entertainment  |  27 Sep 2016

Bombay Bassment's 'Reggae Revolution' along with Sidd Coutto 'Storm' at Mud Rush 2016

MUMBAI: Launched in 2011, Asia's ever thrilling Mud Rush is an all-terrain Mud Run.

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Entertainment  |  23 May 2016

Bombay Bassment to release reworked debut album

MUMBAI: For its second album, Bombay Bassment has upped the game with a collaboration that brings two distinctive sounds together.

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Entertainment  |  11 Feb 2016

'Hip Hop Homeland' taps evolving rap scene in India

MUMBAI: ‘Hip Hop’ an art form that travelled to India through the internet is the fastest growing subculture in the country.

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