|  07 Feb 2022

'India has lost a great daughter', Manmohan Singh expresses grief

MUMBAI: Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has offered condolences on the demise of legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar who passed away on Sunday morning and said India has lost its great daughter.

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 |  20 Sep 2007

Setting the record straight

There`s a new craze in jockeying circles, and that`s attempting to set records in marathon RJing.

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 |  17 Jul 2007

Fruit of temptation

It`s named after the fabled forbidden fruit, and not surprisingly, the Apple iphone`s current unavailability on these shores has raised temptation levels among music and gadget buffs.

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 |  12 Jul 2007

Pop goes the talent hunt

Television channels keep hunting for pop idols, when all they are throwing up are playback singers.

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 |  22 Jun 2007

World Music Day Special- Making Sound Sense

FM stations in the country are marking World Music Day with a variety of programming and ground initiatives. But are listeners interested? Plug in to any radio station on Thursday and you will discover that it?‹?“s World Music Day today. A day that no

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