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Features |  30 May 2018 13:59 |  By RnMTeam

Myths to debunk before you start/give up a career in music

MUMBAI: Everyone wants to be a musician, artiste or a cool rockstar. We all have our favourites be it Beyonce, Elvis Presley, or closer to home likes of Sonu Nigam or be an impression of Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar. It’s easy to dress up like one and behave like one too, what’s the difficult part is to be an actual one. The lessons for music are never-ending, but there are few basics which need to be in place before you start realising or giving up on your dream. While many start, few continue and very few actually hit the mark. The reason for such little conversion can be few myths and lack of general information.

Difference in the words Casio and synthesizer: Ok this is basic. And not knowing this might not hamper your music education but knowing this is important for your music IQ. We hear all the time; my son/daughter play Casio. This sentence is equivalent to saying get a Xerox. Xerox is the company name that manufactures photocopiers; similarly, while you say, ‘I play Casio’, you are playing the company not the instrument. The instrument in question here are many that are produced by the company-Keyboards especially.

My hands/fingers are too small: Anyone who has had a dream to be a rockstar has imagined themselves with a guitar. However, many have given up on the dream to play guitar, because they think they have small fingers and hands. While long hands and fingers play an advantage, smaller ones can’t stop you from playing guitar either. A good teacher and love for the instrument is enough. The legend goes even Jimi Hendrix, one of the most influential electric guitar players, had relatively smaller hands. Australian Guitarist Angus Young is a good example of a guitarist with small hands. So, go pick up your guitar and start strumming.

I don’t have a good voice: Having a good voice is as important for singing as a pretty face for acting. It’s an added advantage, but without expression and emotion, it is of little use for the art. There are many singers who didn’t have the quintessential voice but with sheer practice and intention made a mark. While playback singing could differ a bit and would require naturally good voice, for singing at large, voice can be trained with immense hard work and passion.

Being a DJ is fun: of Course, it’s glamorous and fascinating. But it has its own challenges that we common people don’t and can’t see. If you have seen a DJ at work, it is his/her energy that rubs on the crowd. Therefore, to have that adrenaline rush all the time you are on the stage is a must and there can’t be any excuse for not having that. Not being repetitive is another major challenge.  This challenge is faced by all artistes, but DJs can’t afford it at all, as they have to engage with the audience on the spot and the vibe of the party depends on them. Being a DJ is not a hobby or easy way to get attraction of the opposite gender, it requires a lot of hard work and passion for music.