Entertainment  |  24 May 2024

HUSH drops new single 'Choke' more music due out soon

MUMBAI: Buzzing genre disruptor HU$H ignites a new single entitled 'Choke' out now via Strange Music.

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Entertainment  |  22 Oct 2020

Producer Shamik Bilgi released a new number 'Gaali'

MUMBAI: Vancouver producer Shamik, follows up his ​CI3 ​album with ​Gaali​.

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Entertainment  |  10 Oct 2020

Queeva releases new single 'Waste my time'

MUMBAI: Queeva’s next dose of ear candy, “an anthem filled with a whole bunch of fresh girl power,” according to American Songwriter, who premiered

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Entertainment  |  09 Oct 2020

Did you know Spotify has a patent for personality tracking technology?

MUMBAI: Spotify has been granted a flurry of US patents in recent months.

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Entertainment  |  05 Oct 2020

EDM Stalwarts with most streamed music, Zeus X Crona releases their latest track 'Bad Habits'

MUMBAI: Today, Zeus X Crona, the dominant name in the electronic music space have come up with their latest electro-pop single ‘Bad Habits’ under E

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Biz  |  22 Sep 2020

Go premium in new spot, Spotify encourages users to do so!

MUMBAI: India crazy for music and the willingness to pay for music is negligible despite benefits such as ad-free music, high-quality sound, and u

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Biz  |  22 Sep 2020

Spotify employees reportedly want editorial control over Joe Rogan podcast!

MUMBAI: Leaked inside information indicates that Spotify employees may be asking for greater editorial control over Joe Rogan's JRE Podcasts.

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Biz  |  21 Sep 2020

Spotify comes up with push notifications for new episodes

MUMBAI: Spotify users will finally get notifications for upcoming new podcasts they have followed as Spotify is adding a crucial feature to its pod

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Entertainment  |  21 Sep 2020

Nightcall joins forces with Karma Child and Gia Koka for alluring single 'Wasted Love'

MUMBAI: Bursting onto the scene in 2018 with his debut single ‘Let You Go’, Nightcall has been rising at breakneck speed, amassing over 75 million

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Biz  |  18 Sep 2020

Spotify faces issues with employees about how the company is handling episodes of "The Joe Rogan Experience"

MUMBAI: Spotify is facing a heated internal struggle with employees over whether it should host episodes of “The Joe Rogan Experience” that some st

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Entertainment  |  18 Sep 2020

Best artist-curated playlists on Spotify

MUMBAI: If you use Spotify for a music discovery vehicle, the platform can feel quite overwhelming.

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