| 31 Jan 2023
Diesby launches his new EP, Karwaan

MUMBAI: Diesby launched his latest EP in the genre of R&B Music, Karwaan on the official youtube channel of Koinage Records and all major music streaming platforms. EP depicts a journey of freshly brewed romance to the separation of a couple. It comprises three songs - Senorita, Karwaan and Raatein.

Senorita is a beautiful RnB composition that is all about the beginning of fresh new love and describes your lady crush in the most beautiful & natural way. The second song in the EP is Karwaan. It expresses the next stage in the romance and the feelings that go through one's mind and how they convey it to their partners. Finally the last song of the EP is Raatein. It is the phase in which you are no longer with the most important person in your life. And all you are left with is these never-ending and lonely nights.

Talking about the Karwaan EP, Diesby said, “I always wanted to create music that everybody should enjoy and relate to. Romance and Break Up are two things we all have in common, either we are madly in love with someone or not with the person we used to love. Karwaan EP summarizes that journey from being in love to getting separated. I am hoping people will love the music.”

Started learning at the tender age of 10, Diseby trained himself to become the only R&B artist in the world, who can sing, rap, write in three languages, and knows western, classical, and Punjabi folk music. Throughout his career, he has tried all sorts of music including Alternative R&B to Electronic Pop, etc.

He has a wide range of musical knowledge and fusion skills ranging from Western, Classical, Punjabi folk along with the modern Rnb, Hip hop, Pop influences. In 2018 he collaborated with Pav Dharia for a song called “Mistress”, and also released an EP named “New Face” that was supported by prominent artists like Raxstar, Raftaar, Pav Dharia. In 2019, when his style of music was addressed by people, he released “One in a million” with Sony Music. His last release Eitbaar has been on the Fever originals top 10 countdown for multiple weeks and recently, he was awarded “The NEXT BIG THING” award by Fever FM 104 at Entertainment Ka Baap Awards 2021 as well.