Entertainment  |  19 Dec 2023

Instagram's musical sensations: 5 Bollywood songs that went viral in 2023

MUMBAI :  Diljit Dosanjh and Sia's Dynamic Duo in "Hass Hass":

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Biz  |  28 Oct 2014

Happy New Year: The Game û a smash hit success on the app store

MUMBAI:The captivating 'Indiaawale' gang is certainly going places!

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Entertainment  |  27 Feb 2014

Mirchi Music Awards honours Shah Rukh Khan with special award

MUMBAI: After spending sleepless nights in studios and touring the world, it is time for musicians and singers to gather together for the 6th editi

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Photos  |  21 Nov 2011

Don @ Red FM, Mirchi and Fever

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Photos  |  13 Sep 2011

Ra.One music launch

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Entertainment  |  22 Dec 2008

RJ Malishka - The King and I....

Meeting with a King, I'd assumed, would have a tiresome prelude. There'd be ministers to please and courtesans to put at ease. There'd be plotting...

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