Entertainment  |  15 Sep 2023

What happened at MTV Video Music Awards?

MUMBAI: The last Moon Person has landed at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards.

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Entertainment  |  10 Apr 2023

Sarah Barrios rails against online negativity on "Talk!Talk!Talk"

MUMBAI: Singer-songwriter Sarah Barrios unleashes an unapologetic response to hateful social media trolls on her latest single, “Talk!Talk!Talk!”.

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Entertainment  |  31 Mar 2022

Annika Hintz takes over booking of SUPERBLOOM Festival

MUMBAI: Annika Hintz will be the new Head of Music Booking of the SUPERBLOOM Festival at Goodlive GmbH.

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Entertainment  |  21 Sep 2021

Rita Ora says next phase of her life is about protecting herself

MUMBAI: Singer-actress Rita Ora has shared that she was "burning the candles at both ends" and is very much a "yes" person, but

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Entertainment  |  30 Aug 2021

Kazakh electronic star Imanbek rallies side-by-side enigmatic androgynous, tock-tinged genius LP on new single 'Fighter'

MUMBAI: This year, one brought the first-ever Grammy to Kazakhstan with his 'Roses' remix, streamed over a billion times and went multi-platinum wo

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Entertainment  |  08 May 2021

Imanbek & Cher Lloyd - 'Baddest' out today!

MUMBAI: World-conquering producer Imanbek has joined forces with chart-topping singer-songwriter Cher Lloyd on new single ‘Baddest’, out now.

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Entertainment  |  11 Feb 2021

Rita Ora loses reality show for flouting Covid rule?

MUMBAI: Singer Rita Ora has reportedly been left out of the show The Masked Singer.

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Entertainment  |  08 Feb 2021

Rita Ora: If someone doesn't like what I wear, they don't have to

MUMBAI: Singer Rita Ora says she doesn't care what anyone has to say about her clothes.

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Entertainment  |  28 Jan 2021

Rita Ora is a fan of Charles Dickens

MUMBAI: Singer-actress Rita Ora says she is a huge fan of the iconic novelist Charles Dickens.

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Entertainment  |  24 Dec 2020

Rita Ora could have Bulgarian Xmas with no flights back to UK

MUMBAI: British singer Rita Ora might have to celebrate Christmas away from home.

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Entertainment  |  09 Dec 2020

Rita Ora gets candid about her past romance with Rob Kardashian

MUMBAI: Rita Ora hasn't been keeping up with her exes.

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