Entertainment  |  20 Sep 2023

Malayali rap stars Parimal Shias, Mc Couper, Thirumali and Hanumankind present a perfect blend southside Hip-Hop culture with 'Ayyayyo'

MUMBAI: Def Jam, a leading force in the music industry, is thrilled to announce the release of "Ayyayyo," a ground-breaking collaboration featuring

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Entertainment  |  04 Sep 2018

Singer Sanah Moidutty comes up with her first ever Tamil Cover

MUMBAI: Sanah Moidutty, the voice behind tracks like Afeemi from Meri Pyaari Bindu, Tu hai and Sindhu Ma from Mohenjodaro

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Entertainment  |  15 Jan 2016

Music video on Kerala tourist attractions launched

MUMBAI: A music video capturing the beauty of Kerala’s 14 districts with wonderful visuals and featuring music by Malayali singer-actor Sherrin Var

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Biz  |  05 Nov 2015

'Muzik247 Music Maker 2015' targets Malayali talent across the globe

MUMBAI: One of the country’s renowned regional music labels- Muzik247, has launched a digital initiative 'Muzik247 Music Maker 2015', to

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Biz  |  27 Jul 2015

Muzik247 to acquire music for 20-25 Malayalam films, and release non-film music

MUMBAI: Last November, Muzik247 joined hands with Believe Digital to strengthen its digital presence across the globe, by making its content made a

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