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Review |  12 Jun 2017 20:20 |  By RnMTeam

Mika Singh's '2 shots': a failed attempt

MUMBAI: Mika Singh is known for his musical versatility. He is known for his songs like ‘440 Volt’, ‘Aaj Ki Party’, ‘Dhinka Chika’ and much more. But, his recent attempt to enter the international music industry with his new release ‘2 Shots’, a tribute song to one of the most iconic international hip hop artist Tupac Shakur was a failed attempt.

The song had no originality, something Mika Singh is known for in Indian music industry. It was just another international song with nothing unique to offer. Mika Singh said this song is for all the “Indian fans” of Tupac, but it does not have any Indian feel in it.

The lyrics, song beats, the voice variations and even the making style of the video was a pure copy style of foreign music. This song shouldn't have been his first choice to make into the international music industry. He could have done better than this, something more original, something that would have justified the brand Mika Singh.

It is produced by Purple Bull Entertainment and Gakhal Brothers Entertainment, directed by Team David Ziani the video features Mika. Sung by Mika Singh, the track is penned by Mika and Dhamma. Rap is by Luv Gupta, Heera and Priya, and programmed by Aditya Dev, Mika and Khiza. This song will be used for promotional purposes of the film, ‘All Eyez On Me’ which is set to release on 16 June 2017.

We really would like to see more of ‘original’ Mika Singh songs.

Check out the song below: