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Review |  18 Mar 2016 16:00 |  By RnMTeam

Billo: Mika sounds great; the video fails to impress

Song Name: Billo
Singer: Mika Singh
Lyrics: Raj Hans
Music Composer: Music MG, Baba Honey
Director: David Zennie
Music Label: T-Series

MUMBAI: 'Billo' one of Mika Singh's most wanted single is finally out. But, unfortunately, it failed to impress us. Well, we had high expectations from this song. We felt it would be more than just cars, scantily clad girls and booze. But, looks like we are not moving beyond that with 'Billo.' Luckily, the song keeps away from parties, something that we have been bombarded with over the last few years.

The song starts with Mika walking out of a posh car and singing around models. We wonder why director David Zennie makes the models pose like they were being photographed, especially Billo. She is seen repeating her poses more than once in the video. Choreographer Jessica Sharma could have been of some help here.

Undoubtedly Mika looks great in the music video and he sounds good too but, we wish it was more than just a Punjabi single. However, the little stretch of rap by Millind Gaba does add to the song.

We just feel that the video had great potential to make it big but the video inputs and lyrical limitations created by writer Raj Hans are holding this Mika Singh and T-Series project from being a great one. Thus, for now, the song falls into the average category.

Girls showing off their assets being used as an alternative for storytelling gets thumbs down from us. Though, Mika is worth listening to.

We wonder why the director cut Mika and Billo's kiss short. Yes, the duo kiss on-screen but it's somewhere between being passionate or sexy.

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