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News |  16 Jun 2015 13:28 |  By IANS

Lorde does not 'discriminate' between clothing

MUMBAI: Pop star Lorde says she wears both men and women's clothes because she thinks she can look great in both.

"I do love a perfect pair of pants, the perfect collared shirt, and I wear sneakers, heavy shoes. Often I'll buy a pair of men's pants or whatever. I don't discriminate in that way," quoted the 'Royals' as saying.

However, the 18-year-old star, who is usually seen with her trademark dark lips and long dark tresses, said that she is increasingly drawn to feminine fashion choices as she has become more "comfortable" in her own skin.

"As I get older and a little bit more comfortable in myself, I'm like: 'Yeah, I will wear that really pretty, feminine outfit', and I'll feel strong in that as well," she said.

Lorde has become an unlikely fashion star since smashing onto the music scene, but says that she still finds herself bowled over by huge celebrity events like the New York Met Gala.

"That was crazy. I've definitely never been to anything quite on that scale. I wanted to put all the cutlery and the plates in my handbag and leave them because they were very beautiful," the Grammy winner told Vogue Australia.