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News |  13 Dec 2023 19:02 |  By RnMTeam

7 Indian singers that excelled in English originals

MUMBAI: Indian music has indeed gained global appreciation, and now there is a growing trend of artists targeting the international audience. English songs created by Indian artists have a wider appeal, as they can be understood by people from other countries as well. These talented singers have showcased Indian excellence in the global music market, making the nation proud. Here is a compilation of Indian singers who have ventured into the global music scene, leaving an indelible mark.

Prateek Kuhad

Prateek Kuhad, is a famous singer-songwriter who captivated the hearts of Indian listeners with his soothing voice and enchanting music. After releasing his debut album in 2011, he has  recorded numerous songs in English and Hindi. But it was his most famous album, "cold/mess," that truly solidified his place as a favorite amongst fans.

Brodha V

This Bangalore-based artist is a multi-talented individual, excelling in hip-hop, music production, rapping, and songwriting. His journey began with a breakthrough moment in a rap battle, propelling him into the spotlight. Soon after, he founded the group Macha With Attitudes, collaborating with fellow artists on various tracks. However, his solo career shone with the release of several singles, with "Aathma Raama" becoming his most beloved and popular track to date.

Anuv Jain

Anuv Jain ventured into the world of music with his YouTube channel at just 17. With the release of his mesmerizing song "Baarishein," he skyrocketed to fame, accumulating millions of views. Following this success, he released the enchanting English track "Ocean." Anuv Jain possesses immense talent and has the potential to conquer the global charts with his future songs.

Ananya Birla

Ananya Birla has become a force to be reckoned within the music industry. Her unique blend of English lyrics and Indian influences has captivated audiences worldwide. From the success of "Livin' The Life" to her collaboration with Sean Kingston, her journey has been marked by milestones, including appearances on prestigious platforms like Billboard. With her talent and charisma, Ananya continues to enthrall fans through electrifying live shows and concerts, solidifying her position as a rising star in the international music scene.

Jaimin Rajani

 With a diverse background in music and film, Jaimin brings a unique perspective to his work, blending storytelling with captivating melodies. His collaborations with renowned artists highlight his versatility and passion for creating meaningful art.
Jaimin Rajani is a singer-songwriter and documentary filmmaker from Calcutta, India. He writes songs into the traditions of folk and rock music. As a producer, Jaimin has worked on the albums ‘Then & Now’ (2020) by Susmit Bose and ‘White Knight's Tale’ (2019) by High

Soumita Saha

Soumita Saha, a renowned singer and songwriter, made her debut in the music industry with the EDM track "Ishq." Since then, she has soared to stardom, amassing a massive fan following. With her versatile talent, Soumita has left an indelible mark in Tollywood playback and has also experimented with Tagore music. She has collaborated with numerous artists worldwide, and her self-composed English originals such as "Savage Side" and "Play The Tune" have garnered immense appreciation. Her collaboration with DJ Simon G on the track "Fly High" proved to be a resounding success, solidifying her status as Indian EDM Queen in the International Music Scene.


Sahil Sharma, better known by his stage name Zaeden, gained popularity for his exceptional DJ skills. In 2014, he made waves with his debut single, "Land of Lords," which caught the attention of music enthusiasts worldwide. Shortly after, he signed with a prominent Dutch music label and dropped his hit track "Yesterday." His songs and remixes quickly found their way into renowned international festivals, solidifying his presence in the music scene. Zaeden further expanded his repertoire by releasing numerous tracks in both English and Hindi, captivating a diverse audience. He remains an active performer, delighting fans with his energetic live shows.