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News |  25 May 2021 17:07 |  By RnMTeam

Jammu Hip-Hop Artist Shen B's 'Sunshine' is a Vibrant and Philosophical Summer Anthem

MUMBAI: Hip-hop artist Shayaan Bhat aka Shen B has released his latest single, “Sunshine.” The track drops on the heels of Shen B’s acclaimed debut EP, Zamaana, which released earlier this year. Melding the calm of lo-fi production with the high-octane energy of hip-hop’s boom bap subgenre, “Sunshine” is about keeping one’s spirits up and expectations low. It’s a playful and philosophical summer hip-hop anthem that will inspire listeners to live life to the fullest and to allow themselves to heal. The single is accompanied by a striking lyric video animated by Shen B himself. A groovy meditation on the power of letting go and embracing change, “Sunshine” arrives as a message of positivity and hope from Jammu’s breakout hip-hop artist.

Watch the music video for Shen B’s ‘Sunshine’

The vivid animated lyric video for “Sunshine” sees Shen B bask in the sun as he recounts the many winters that preceded his summer enlightenment. The graphics take a dark turn around the bridge of the song where we see the rapper/poet fall into an abyss. This particular segment was special to Shen B as it portrays his setbacks in life — experiences he calls opportunities — that ultimately shaped him into the artist he is today. The rapper/poet also plays around with imagery that outlines a pair of eyes, opening and closing to the brilliant and blinding light of the sun. At once apparent and other times subliminal, Shen B’s “Sunshine” is a reflection on the promise of stepping into one’s light.

Says Shen B, “Given the times, I needed to write something that would shine some positivity. A lot of melodic Nineties hip-hop kept running through my mind when I made ‘Sunshine.’ The process was ultimately very fun and experimental - it even allowed me to explore my childhood dream of becoming an animator! I hope ‘Sunshine’ inspires people. Life never pans out the way we want it to. Get in the sun once in a while, get the burns, let them heal.
Every winter is followed by summer. The sun always rises. So will we.”

With COVID-19 restrictions in place all over India, the hip-hop artist decided to translate this period as an opportunity to fulfil a childhood dream — that of becoming an animator. A DIY artist since the beginning of his multi-genre spanning career, the rapper/poet banked on his knowledge of animation and graphic design to create the powerful lyric video for “Sunshine.” All the frames in the clip were digitally drawn by Shen B himself in a timeframe of two weeks. The result was a colourful and gripping lyric video.

Up next, the Jammu breakout musician has a couple of new singles in the mix. Forthcoming releases will also see the hip-hop artist unveil a more vulnerable side to him after the braggadocio of Zamaana and the ease of “Sunshine.” Fusing genres and embracing new chapters, Shen B will continue to evolve his hip-hop sound while reflecting the realities of life in his music. With his latest release, “Sunshine,” Shen B continues to chalk out a milestone year, emerging as an artist in his prime as he carves his masterful mark in Indian hip-hop.