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News |  08 Apr 2020 15:09 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Geet Sagar, Gaurav Dagaonkar speak about 'Tera Kya Hota'

MUMBAI: Singer-Lyrist Geet Sagar who has sung “Tera Kya Hota” along with Nakash Aziz and music that is composed by the talented Gaurav Dagaonkar is sure to be a treat to your ears.

Tera Kya Hota” is the second single from the music series “Doublemint FreshTake” under Songfest India featuring the internet sensations Awez Darbar and Zaid Darbar.

Speaking about the song Gaurav Dagaonkar said, “The entire idea was to make a song on friendship with a new twist to it. Geet came up with this line “Tera Kya Hota”. There’s a lot of song relating to friendship, here we showed a completely different approach by telling ‘you would be screwed if I weren’t there’. We have taken a different root”.

“We wrote 2-3 scratches of the song, relating to friendship. Whatever we wrote, we realized that it has been done, it’s the same emotion set in different songs since our childhood. Then this came out which was lyrically simple and musically very hummable too”, Geet Sagar adds.

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Geet gave vocals to the song as well as composed the lyrics, with that when asked if it helped him do justice to the song “Being a person who writes and sings, I think it’s easier to get into the spirit of the song. I work with my songs so close that it’s like a second home to me. Since Gaurav made the tune in front of me, the whole process became easier for me”.

In an exclusive interview with Radio and Music, the “Bekarar Karke” singer said his goal as a musician is to keep composing as many songs as possible, he likes to work with an artist who he admires and now the idea is that he would like to work with different kinds of talent. Hi, fans on Instagram and YouTube are constantly messaging him saying they would like to see more of his singing.

The “Rocky” singer also exclaimed, “I have multiple roles as a musician, I write and also sing, both of which have entirely different roles again. I would really like to write lyrics and songs which are as meaningful as Javed Akhtar and Gulzar, whom I really look up to”. 

During this 21-day lockdown due to COVID-19, the duo of “Tera Kya Hota” is doing productive things to pass their time at home like everyone else. After almost 6-8 months, Guarav have started playing Guitar and has motivated them to write and sing the uncomplete songs. They are spending more time with their families and enjoying nature. Apart from that, they said it is frustrating as they can’t do any of their recordings and wishes that the situation normalized soon.

Lastly, the “Tak Dhinna” singer signs off sharing a note to the audience, “During this phase all the artist are going through a rough page with stresses, so please consume all their contains and enjoy the music. A lot of new songs are coming out, many artists are exploring the role of collaborating with each other and entertaining the audience. Appreciate them and stay safe”.

“Please appreciate all of this, artist does play a major role in this society so always promote them. Do your part as an audience and love them as the artist really love their audience” Geet adds.

The duo of “Tera Kya Hota” has a package of songs coming up, Stay Tune!