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News |  27 Nov 2018 12:48 |  By RnMTeam

A R Rahman, YoYo Honey Singh and Raftaar have taken India to a different level: Sasi The Don, Asian Ambassador of Reggae

MUMBAI: Music in India has been phenomenal, be it Indian classical or pop music. Reggae, originally a Jamaican form of music, is a niche genre in India. However, Indian origin, Malaysian-Tamil Reggae artist Sasi The Don has been making news on the musical circuit for a while now. He is now coming up with a track called ABCD with noted vocalist Anuradha Sriram, who has songs in Tamil, Telugu, Malayam and even Hindi to her credit. Both the talented artistes have together come up with this track ABCD, which has the idea to not over complicate your life and keep it simple. The peppy and catchy track focuses on four factors required for a happy existence - Love, Passion, Gratitude and Prayers. Despite having a message, the song has ‘anybody can dance to it’ vibe to it. 

But first things first, as on being asked, how did the name ‘Sasi The Don’ came up, The Don says, “Well the name came about when I first embarked on the journey as a recording artiste in 2000. Starting off as an Engineering Graduate turned Deejay and creative director, I was also known in the corporate and advertising industry as well as a successful musician in Malaysia. Reggae is a popular genre in Malaysia and when I first started making music professionally, I wanted a brand that would represent his dream and mission. I first used that name in the year 2000, and till date I live by the reputation as a Humble Don.”

He has a network and influential people around him. He makes things happen and helps many to achieve their dreams and goals.  He is not a street gang leader, but in Malaysia Sasi The Don is highly respected by many Malaysians and is seen as a Legend in his own ways owing to what he has done and achieved till date, both, as a musician and entrepreneur. 

His past collaborations have been with Apache Indian in 2004, followed by Dr. Alban - the Singing Doc from the 90s, who is famous for his songs like Its My Life, No Coke etc. He has also collaborated with Maxi Priest and now with Anuradha Sriram.

Sharing his aspirations, Sasi says, “I hope to work on a song with Shaggy or Sean Paul. They are my friends, but I guess it will take some time and patience.”

With his current collaboration with Anuradha Sriram, he comes to India and is obviously excited, “There is a sense of belonging. I have strong Indian and Asian influence in me and my music. I love India and want the people of India to enjoy my music. They are so many great artistes who do great stuff in India and I would love to be a part of that big family and bring great content to Indians in India and around the world. My ancestors were from India and I am making the effort to bring my music to my roots.”

Not only does he want to bring his music to India, but he is also extremely proud of Indian artistes, as he names a few, “Few Indian artistes like A R Rahman, Yo Yo Honey Singh and Raftaar are amazing and have taken India to a different level. There are definitely other amazing artistes but these are my favorites.” 

He is also excited about working with a talent like Anuradha Sriram, as he says, “She is an amazing person, super humble and encouraging. I was star struck when she walked into the studio in Chennai. I am meeting after eight years. I didn't know how I was going to produce music for her. But when she was there, she was so down to earth and assured me that it’s good to work however I want. She is super talented and I was happy she played a great role in making a great song with me.” When Anuradha heard Sasi’s vision and was immediately on board.

Standing true to his love and passion for Reggae, Sasi wants to continue promoting his brand of music, “I plan to pursue promoting my brand of Asian Reggae to the world. I would love to take my music around the world. I just completed UK Radio Tour for ABCD. I went from BBC Asian Network to some of the biggest UK Caribbean Radio Stations. It’s a good start and I look forward to Jamaica in my plans. I plan to work on greater collaborations.”