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News |  13 Mar 2018 17:52 |  By RnMTeam

Everyone wants to be a DJ today: Prayas of Switchers

MUMBAI: Earlier every young boy wanted to be a cricketer or an actor, but off late the trend of becoming a DJ has also been added to the wish list. Prayas Makkar and Tarun Mishra, are two youngsters who are making a name in the Delhi circuit as DJs and music producers, under the name Switchers.

“I started being a DJ when I was just 16. Then I started learning sound engineering, where I met Tarun Mishra. We have same ideologies and thoughts about music, so we thought of collaborating. Thereon we formed the combination of ‘Switchers’. There is no particular reason for having the name Switchers, but it was suggested by elder brother. It’s been two years we are making music and has been great.”

Having performed at many happening places in and around Delhi, Switchers are next performing at The Irish House on the occasion of St Patrick's Day. Excited Prayas shared about the same, “I have never been at The Irish House, so this is my first time. But we are very excited, as we have heard amazing things about The Irish House.”

The duo will be performing at The Irish House on 17 March from 9.00 pm onwards.

Though still very young, Prayas has been DJing for past five years and he observes, “Everyone wants to be a DJ today. In Delhi, if you stand in the balcony and shout DJ, at least 10 boys will turn around. Also, the perception in Delhi or in our country at large is, when people ask you what do you do and we respond DJ, they think “Oh you perform at weddings”, and that’s very frustrating. There’s lot more to being a DJ and lot of efforts go into it.”

Switchers make music that has a very Indian touch. He further elaborates, “We fuse Indian Instruments like Sitar, Harmonium and that brings a very Indian touch. Our new track Ghungta is a good example of our work. We try to make music that’s very youth centric. Also, we don’t stick to any specific genre, but Bollywood is not our choice, we play more of commercial music.”

Both Prayas and Tarun have studied sound engineering, which has helped them a lot. “We understand the technical part much better. Lot of DJs do not know about advanced mixers or analog mixers available or even basic like that there are 17700 cables, because they have just started without any knowledge,” said the DJ.

On future plans, Prayas says, “We are coming up with an album with seven tracks out of which 4 are originals and 3 are remixes which will be released in July.”