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Features |  08 Mar 2016 16:19 |  By Ojasvi Nath

Do women artistes get their due in the music industry?

MUMBAI: The glass ceiling is a reality that women, even in the radio and music industries, are always trying to breach. So is the touchy topic of pay parity among musicians in the Indian music industry.

Does there truly exist a gender pay gap in the music industry? decided to quiz a few women singers to know if they are getting what they truly deserve.

Kavtia Seth

This is a harsh truth about the industry. Not only in Bollywood, the gender pay gap can be seen in every profession. I feel very sad about this fact. Men no doubt give their 100 per cent when it comes to work, but women devote their 400 to their work. Men can focus completely on their professional work but as women, we have to play the role of a home-maker, care giver, and also balance work with other responsibilities. Even today, when the world is moving forward, I still have to face such inequality at times.

Monali Thakur

Yes, I have encountered such a difference and I hope it changes fast. For me or any other artist, payment should be the last priority, but there should not be favoritism towards the male gender.  I will definitely wait to see this gap filled up fast because this is something very depressing. I guess, 99 per cent of men feel the same. Women’s day celebrations appear as if they are a compensation from all men for how they treat the women the whole year around.

Antara Mitra

It is partially true. I do not know about actors, but female singers get their deserved share. No matter what gender you belong to, this is entirely the play of your popularity. Even in films, if the movie is woman centric, the filmmakers will definitely the actor  as per demand. Therefore, pay parity is not a hindrance according to me.

I have never faced such issues.

Alka Yagnik

Although our world is getting smarter and bigger, there is still a gap somewhere down the line. In spite of the fact that the situation has improved a lot over the past years, the scenario remains static when the villages or small towns are considered. Luckily, the cities have matured in their thoughts and I never faced such discrimination; yet I see a few around who face gender pay disparity.

Shipra Goyal

Personally speaking, I do not agree. Probably, this happens in our film industry or any other field, but I guess there would hardly be any singers who have found themselves stuck in such bigotry.