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Features |  26 Jan 2016 14:33 |  By RnMTeam

RJs Day of love for the Nation

MUMBAI: 'Bharat Humko Jaan Se Pyara hai, Sabse Nyara Gulistan hamara hai’. This song from Mani Ratnam’s ‘Roja’ epitomizes the spirit of patriotism in every citizen of India. We all have our day of love for the nation and so do our RJs. Some RJs’ share with how they have contributed or would like to contribute to the nation, or what they think should be done.

RJ Bhavna

In my opinion if one wants to contribute to the nation, then must contribute by being good responsible citizens. For me contributing to the nation is by not propagating nuisance in the society.

Secondly, I know people like relaxing and enjoying on weekends. I used to teach small kids on Saturday and Sunday.  Teaching small children is contributing to our future. Another thing which I can never tolerate is going against my ethics and values.  Loyalty to the nation is the main content of patriotism.

RJ Sid

Many things need alteration immediately. Sorry but I really cannot tolerate whatever wrongs that happen near me.  More often than not, we see vehicles with ‘Bharat Sarkar’ written on them violating traffic rules. Whenever I see such vehicles, I immediately click pictures and post them on Facebook or the Traffic police’s facebook page. Not only this, if I see someone harassing a girl or eve teasing, I raise my voice and intervene. We also need to teach civic sense and human values as a part of education.

Rj Pritam

Well, I am not one who can stop corruption or one who make big promises to root out corruption from our society. If we are responsible citizens, we must try to pay attention at a smaller level.  Getting successful in teaching even a single child would be more than enough for me. Especially a girl child. Even if I am able to teach one child, nobody knows, he/she might become the next A.P.J Abdul Kalam.  Secondly, I would like to check that no elderly person goes homeless. Respect and love is what old people need. That is it.

RJ Naved

Recently our country faced a distressing attack in Pathankot, Punjab. While going through a facebook post related to the incident, I came across a girl who mocked our Indian Army. That was something unbearable to me. As people know I do a Radio show, Murga-Radio Mirchi, I called the girl and played a trick on her. I said to her from now onwards your building guard would not come to safeguard you.  The girl started shouting and got annoyed. After she became completely restless, I asked her a question, “If you value your guard so much then why not Indian army?”  I want our country to respect the soldiers who sacrifice everything to save us from bad comings.

RJ Jay

I think I voice my opinion and people do listen to me. I have a platform to make my opinion which works in the favour of my country to reach people. At this time we should not worry about the change. Change is constant and good change will definitely happen ultimately to our nation.

RJ Meenakshi

Disrespecting women is something unacceptable for me. I go out of my way to fight disgusting fellows who deliberately harass women and young girls. I either call the police or note their vehicle numbers. Another unbearable thing is when people say we are keeping our parents with us. I want to tell them, you are living with your parents not keeping them.  I went to few families who disowned their parents and made them realize they are actually committing a sin. I made them actually accept the crime they were committing and had them give their parents the respect they deserved.

RJ Danish

As we know, laughter is the best medicine, this is what I suppose how I contribute. When everyone asks me, do I know about politics? I say no. I just know how to entertain people and make them happy. I feel like diverging happiness all over. I wish to change the role of religion and politics in our country and make it a perfect place to live.

RJ Nitin

Before judging or forming any opinion, we should try to know what is right and what is wrong.  One must know his/her rights and duties. First, we must teach ourselves and then preach. Raising your voice unnecessarily without knowing what is right or wrong is futile. We should be aware about our own duties. For example, a few days back, my friend was involved in an accident and the police officer called me and informed about the accident. When I thanked him, he said no need to thank me as it is my duty.  That is what my point is. The police officer knew what his duty was and so should we as citizens.  Do not react or conclude until you are so sure about all the facts. This is what I do. I know my duties and act accordingly.