Biz  |  24 Aug 2023

SESAC music group charts its own path to benefit artists

MUMBAI : Music, as a business and an artform, has been transformed by technology, changing in a few short decades from a highly siloed and structu

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Entertainment  |  16 Aug 2023

Melissa Ferrick Signs to Kill Rock Stars, Releases Single 'Black Dress' | Album To Be Released 2024

MUMBAI : Melissa Ferrick has announced that she has signed to iconic record label Kill Rock Stars, and released a new single, her first new music i

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Entertainment  |  09 Feb 2023


MUMBAI: When you picture The Band, you have Elliott Landy’s photographs in your mind.

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Entertainment  |  25 Jan 2022

Bob Dylan sells recorded-music catalog

MUMBAI: Legendary music icon Bob Dylan's entire catalog of recorded music has been acquired by Sony Music Entertainment.

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Entertainment  |  25 May 2021

Musician-producer Mukul Deora celebrates legend Bob Dylan’s birthday with heartfelt emotion

MUMBAI: For most of us, there are only a few people that awaken a feeling of inspiration.

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Entertainment  |  13 Jun 2020

Bob Dylan unveils upcoming track list from album 'Rough and Rowdy Ways'

MUMBAI: Bob Dylan has unveiled the track list for his upcoming album, Rough and Rowdy Ways.

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Entertainment  |  11 May 2020

Bob Dylan announces album with new music

MUMBAI: Legendary music icon Bob Dylan is all set to come out with new music for the first time in eight years, with "Rough And Rowdy Ways".

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Biz  |  29 Nov 2019

RED FM's Yellow Taxi Music Project to showcase a fusion of cultural, contemporary music

MUMBAI:  Red FM has announced its second edition of The Yellow Taxi Project.

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Entertainment  |  22 Jul 2019

Bollywood's second-hand 'music fad' is here to stay!

Mumbai:  Not long ago, rapper Baba Sehgal called out ‘Copywood’ - oops, Bollywood -- to ‘stop destroying and ruining original songs’ by recreating

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Entertainment  |  01 Jul 2019

Scorcese's Bob Dylan documentary leaves you clueless

MUMBAI: Here is a question I never thought would arise for a film by the great Martin Scorcese.

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Entertainment  |  23 Feb 2019

Spiritual music from around the globe converge at Jodhpur as World Sacred Spirit Festival kicks off at Mehrangarh Fort

MUMBAI: The mystical vibe of various spiritual traditions enlivened the grounds of the Mehrangarh Fort as the 12th edition of World Sacred Spirit

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