| 19 Jun 2024
SESAC music group charts its own path to benefit artists

MUMBAI : Music, as a business and an artform, has been transformed by technology, changing in a few short decades from a highly siloed and structured business for the few, to an omnipresent force with millions of worthy creatives and billions of tracks. This new music business runs on data and impacts nearly every corner of our physical and digital lives. 

SESAC Music Group has defined what a music company should be in this new era - one with a global perspective, deep technical expertise, and passion for musical craft and creativity. The leadership of the companies that comprise SESAC Music Group have come together to combine their wealth of experience in music licensing and rights management with an infusion of fresh vision and innovative technology and data services that cuts across industry boundaries.

SESAC Music Group, based in New York City, builds on the reputation of the storied SESAC Performing Rights organization to form a multi-line music company that can license a broad mix of music for almost any usage in any market at source. Across its four divisions, SESAC Music Group proves how a modern music company should embrace the entire industry, harnessing expertise in important market niches to achieve excellence, and at the same time, be everywhere in music. 

In addition to performing rights, one of the key sources of royalty income in the music business, SESAC Music Group’s divisions include Music Services, Church Music Resources, and Audiovisual Music. What unites them all: a focus on data, access, and client service to let creatives working a wide range of platforms do more with music.

“We provide critical services and business infrastructure for the music industry,” explains SESAC Music Group Chairman and CEO John Josephson. “Our four divisions demonstrate that we have a deep understanding of rights clearance requirements, best-in-class licensing capabilities that maximize the value of music, and industry-leading expertise in technology that enables accurate, cost-effective administration of music intellectual property.”

The company reflects the great changes and rapid growth of the music business. Many corners of the industry are led by recent innovation in technology driving exciting new opportunities. To capture it, SESAC Music Group coalesced around maximizing efficiency and building real value for rights holders and creatives. “Technology has pushed music into more and more places, turning licensing from a minor business matter to a major growth engine and revenue driver,” reflects Josephson. “We have the tools and expertise to harness this growth as well as drive this value back into the creative community.”

Learn More about SESAC Music Group’s Divisions 

Performing Rights

Founded in 1930, SESAC Performing Rights currently represents thousands of songwriters, composers, and publishers and administers the performing rights for millions of songs. Its repertoire reaches across all genres and includes award-winning and platinum-earning hits. Members of SESAC include Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond, RUSH, Adele, Jack Harlow, Ariana Grande, Disclosure, Zac Brown, Rosanne Cash, Hillary Scott of Lady A, Lee Brice, Margo Price, Nicky Jam, Blanco Brown. In addition to hit songs, SESAC also represents hundreds of leading film and tv composers across hit shows including Grey’s Anatomy and The Late Late Show with James Corden, as well as films including Frozen and The Hangover.

Music Services

Harnessing technology and strong industry relationships, SESAC’s Music Services companies know music licensing and administration inside and out. 

Companies include Audiam (digital royalty collection), AudioSalad (metadata and media management), HFA (mechanical licensing), Mint Services (worldwide digital licensing), Music Services (independent music rights and back-office administration), Rumblefish (comprehensive digital licensing), Songfile (cover song licensing).

Church Music Resources

Often underappreciated by the mainstream music industry, worship music is a robust and growing sector of the music business, and SESAC Music Group has strong ties and deep roots in this sector. The Church Music Resources division enables simplified access for the Christian community to locate and license affordable media and content resources and reduce the administration involved in music usage and compliance.

Companies include CCLI (real-time access and copyright administration for worship music), CCS (church music rights simplified), Loop (quality tracks for worship), and WorshipTools (tech suite for worship music and visuals).

Audiovisual Music

Led by Audio Network, this division brings original music and a client-driven creative process to develop custom audio for film, TV, advertising, and enterprise video. With a high-quality catalog that spans all genres, Audio Network can find, create and license the right soundtrack for any project.