Entertainment  |  25 Feb 2021

Armaan Malik: Race for views, likes and streams is killing artiste and art

MUMBAI: Singer Armaan Malik feels the present trend of prioritising number of views and likes on any song video is causing damage to artiste as wel

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Entertainment  |  23 Feb 2021

Armaan Malik wishes strength to those struggling to make ends meet during Covid

MUMBAI: Singer Armaan Malik on Monday expressed his concern for people whose livelihood has been affected due to Covid, which has been going on for

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Entertainment  |  15 Feb 2021

Armaan Mallik expresses gratitude to Rjs on World Radio day

MUMBAI: Singer Armaan Malik expressed his gratitude to radio jockeys and hosts on the occasion of World Radio Day on February 13.

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Entertainment  |  03 Feb 2021

Singing Sensation Tulsi Kumar turns host for the first time with Indie Hai Hum season 2

MUMBAI: Independent music is booming for the past few years and is surely making way to everyone's playlists.

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Entertainment  |  28 Jan 2021

Armaan Malik has 'no clue' about a Spanish song he has sung

MUMBAI: Singer Armaan Malik claims he has no clue about the meaning of a Spanish song sung by him.

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Entertainment  |  22 Jan 2021

Armaan Malik is a 'deleter' of 'faulty tweets, negative people and toxic energies'

MUMBAI: Singer Armaan Malik on Wednesday called himself a deleter.

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Entertainment  |  12 Jan 2021

Armaan Malik opens up on what threatens our mental health

\MUMBAI: Singer Armaan Malik has opened up on the factors that he feels are responsible for threatening our mental health.

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Entertainment  |  05 Jan 2021

Check out Armaan Malik's 'cute' childhood photo with Daboo Malik and Jyothi Malik

MUMBAI: Armaan Malik shared a rare childhood picture along with his father-musician Daboo Malik and mother Jyothi Malik.

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Entertainment  |  05 Jan 2021

Armaan Malik grew up listening to RD Burman's song

MUMBAI: Armaan Malik grew up idolising the veteran composer Rahul Dev Burman.

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Entertainment  |  04 Jan 2021

Armaan Malik feels life is not 'as exciting as it was when we were kids'

MUMBAI: Life is not as much exciting now as it was in childhood, 25-year-old singer Armaan Malik tweeted on Saturday.

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Entertainment  |  30 Dec 2020

Armaan Malik: I feel Indian artists (especially musicians) aren't appreciated enough on the home turf

MUMBAI: Popular music artist Armaan Malik opened up frankly on what he thinks about the current scenario of the music industry in India.

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