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News |  02 May 2024 15:04 |  By RnMTeam

Armaan Malik discusses taking Indian Music to the world on his radio show "Only Just Begun"

MUMBAI: Garnering immense love for his newly launched debut global radio show, ‘Only Just Begun’, singer-songwriter Armaan Malik has audiences eagerly invested in getting to know Malik.

In a recent episode of "Only Just Begun," Armaan shares insights with entrepreneur and artiste manager and founder of REPRESENT Aayushman Sinha about their shared dream of taking Indian music to the world. The episode highlights pivotal moments in Armaan's career, from his first big hit "Naina" at just 18 years old to his recent international successes with tracks like "Control," "Echo," and "Always."

Aayushman, as Armaan's manager, reflects on their singular goal: to make Armaan the first Indian pop star to export globally. Talking about his vision as Armaan Malik’s artist manager, Aayushman Sinha shared, “we want Armaan to be the first Indian pop star to export out of India and that’s what we are putting all our energy and time into. We are all working together towards one purpose that we are all so passionate about and that’s when the magic happens.”

Elaborating further, Aayushman Sinha highlights Armaan Malik’s transition from singing Bollywood and regional songs to owning the international music scene with tracks like ‘Control’, ‘Echo’, ‘2step’, and the newly released ‘Always’. He said, “first credit goes to your dad, for telling you do Hindi and regional music and build your audience before you try to do something different and pursue English music.

I think it was a great call to put together this entire army which was ready to back you and your fans have always done that, they never disappoint. My dream was always to ‘take India to the world’ and you’ve been the perfect artist for me for that, all the time.” With captivating anecdotes and heartfelt revelations, the episode offers listeners an intimate look at Armaan Malik's rise to prominence and his unwavering dedication to his craft. Tune in to "Only Just Begun" on Apple Music to catch the full conversation and witness the evolution of a musical icon.