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Review |  14 Dec 2017 17:27 |  By Kavita Yadav

BUDx 2017: a chilled out experience in Delhi

NEW DELHI: It’s December, and the woollens have come out in Delhi. You can feel the chill even when the sun is high up in the sky overhead.  The cold gets under your skin as the golden orb disappears in the distance, and you shiver. Most would rather cuddle up under their blankets in their living rooms in front of the telly on brrr Delhi evenings, escaping the chilly breeze outside. But not the young 'uns of Delhi; they love their beer and if it comes along with music, it's even better.

Budweiser Experiences was debuting its three-day property BUDx in Delhi from 6-8 December 2017 and the capital wanted to make the best of it. In a city where it’s difficult to differentiate between smog and smoke, given the high pollution levels, Delhiites hopped into their Beamers, their Mercs, their Land Rovers, Jaguars and chose to show up on Day 1 of BUDx and the word spread like a forest fire, the outcome of which was an over-packed Day 3.

Well, when we first heard about BUDx, three-days of electronic music, workshops, talks, master classes and live DJ performances co-curated by Boiler Room in Delhi, we did not expect a huge turnout. We felt Delhi liked more of the Punjabi music and our car trips from the airport to the hotel and then to the venue, reaffirmed it. But, to our surprise, BUDx Day 1 witnessed a  satisfactory turnover, with many still clueless about what it had to offer. There was also, some trying to locate the right room scenario given different venues. There was the Main Reception, Screening Room, Main Room and the Break Out Room. Initially, nobody knew which room was where, but then it all settled. The high points of these events were the sessions.

Unfortunately, the gorgeous looking girls and the hot looking Delhiites were least interested in the sessions. They were there to party and they made it clear by chatting in between the discussions. 

We personally liked the panel discussions and the masterclasses that were a quick guide to the independent music industry for a fresher in the field. The young music enthusiasts couldn’t have asked for anything better than BUDx. The panel decisions had some of the best put together by Boiler Room and BUDx team.  

The screenings of the movies were thumbed down as nobody wanted to be there except for a couple or two that wanted to snuggle up with each other. The live sets were the ones that drew everyone in large numbers. The crowds jumped and danced to electronic music, even if they had no affinity with the genre. They were there to party and any music just worked fine for them. They were there to do some headbanging and shaking. However, there is no denying the fact that there were some genuine souls, that couldn’t help but go all wow for the artistes.

There were spectacular performances by Chhabb, Sid Vashi, Inga Mauer and Arjun Vagle on Day 1. Day 2 welcomed Ash and Sarathy Korwar, Lifafa, Mumdance, Dillinja, Jamblu, Malfnktion, Zokhuma and Bolt! Day 3 witnessed performances from Teebs, BSpryk, Corridors, Profound, UP7T and there were a few Boiler Room sets.

The set-up of each room was fantastic and the artistes managed to bring in the feel, many managed to grab the audience’s attention, but the biggest winner was Budweiser. The Bud flowed freely and it was cold, in keeping with the Delhi temperature. So guzzling it felt pretty refreshing.

Overall, BUDx was a fantastic effort put together by Boiler Room and Budweiser Experience. Delhi's denizens will surely miss it. As will we. Of course, only until next year. Bottoms Up! Or should we say: "Cheers and Buds Up?”