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News |  17 Dec 2014 16:07 |  By RnMTeam

David Guetta says æListenÆ is most challenging album to date

MUMBAI: Successful French DJ David Guetta is scheduled to perform at the Enchanted Valley Carnival (EVC) as a part of his India tour. This would be the second time Guetta makes an appearance in India, with the first one being in 2012. Through his India tour, he would be promoting his new album, 'Listen', which features collaborations with Sam Smith, Nicki Minaj, The Script, Emili Sande, Sia, John Legend, Ryan Tedder and Nico & Vanz. Guetta spoke to's Aashay Dalvi about the album and his opinion on it.


This year marks your second time coming to India after 2012, and you will be also seen performing at Enchanted Valley City (EVC).  What are your expectations this time around?

Yes, I will be launching my 6th album 'Listen'. I am excited! I had a fantastic first experience last time. I hear the dance music scene has really escalated to a different level now and I want to see it. There is something about India that has always fascinated me.  So it feels amazing to be back to perform for such warm and passionate people. It is great to see that I have so many fans in India who love me and I love them back.  I really liked the concept of EVC and the festival has a good vibe so I thought it would be a good opportunity to play the new music there, and my hits are in the mix too.

Tell us about your new album, 'Listen'. How did you develop the album?

'Listen' is more organic than my previous albums. It is one of my most personal and challenging albums till date. It is completely different from anything I have done before.  All I can say is that it is completely song-based. There are featured artists of course, but none that you would expect with me, and really it is just completely different from anything I have done before. That is why it has taken almost three years. It has tracks I could not compare to any other record. I have always been drawn to harmonies and emotional music and this album is no exception. I just wanted to push myself to the limit. I knew I can make beats that make people dance, so now the challenge is to create the best possible music and songs that are timeless. Where it differs is in the production styles and featured artists.

Really? How so?

Yeah. The first single 'Lovers on the Sun (ft. Sam Martin),' was produced with Avicii, and features some of the electro-country vibe that Avicii has become known for. It is a record I produced together with him and my original influence for the track were the Western movies scored by the legendary Ennio Morricone. Avicii and I worked on the track together; he is really talented and I think the track sounds amazing. I have not been in the studio with others as much. I wanted to perfect the album first, and then play it to different people to find the right featured artist for each song.

'Listen' included collaborations with Sam Smith, Nicki Minaj, The Script, Emili Sande, Sia, John Legend, Ryan Tedder and Nico & Vanz to name a few. How was the experience collaborating with artists of such different genres of music?

I think the best way is to take people out of their comfort zone, and that is what I am trying to do with new talent. I try to bring them into my world: where they do not feel so confident; where they have to get a little more experimental. This is usually where you catch something special from them.

 You have also recently co-produced Ariana Grande's song 'One Last Time'. How was the experience doing that?

She has such a unique style and talent. What she delivered was just so amazing, I could think of anyone better to perform it. She delivered so much raw emotion.

With so many artists coming up every other day, what are your thoughts on the EDM scene?

Dance music is the next thing for the next 10 years. There is only moving ahead now.

Among the new and emerging artists, who would be your pick of the lot?

I like Avicii, Bastille, John Newman, Natural Born Chillers, Afrojack, Calvin Harris and Nicky Romero

What would you be working on after touring?

Lots of experimentation and collaborations is happening in 2015. I feel I have a responsibility towards my fans and I feel the urge to surprise them each time I come up on the stage. The only thing I can do in response is to try to reinvent myself.