Entertainment  |  24 Jun 2023

Kim Petras reveals what Madonna whispered to her before Grammys performance

MUMBAI: Singer-songwriter Kim Petras has revealed the encouraging words that Madonna shared with her before her historic performance at the Grammys

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Entertainment  |  25 May 2023

Sam Smith cancels gig mid-show as singer spots something 'really wrong'

MUMBAI: Singer Sam Smith released a statement after their gig in Manchester was cancelled at the last minute due to voice issues.

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Entertainment  |  09 May 2023

Sam Smith cancels Israel gig following backlash over 'satanic' performance

MUMBAI: Singer Sam Smith has pulled the plug on their concert in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Entertainment  |  25 Apr 2023

Mystery illness forces Sam Smith to cancel yet another gig

MUMBAI: Singer Sam Smith (30) has apologised to his fans after being forced to cancel another concert due to a mystery illness.

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Entertainment  |  17 Apr 2023

Sam Smith's 'vulgar and satanic' show sparks controversy

MUMBAI: Singer Sam Smith has sparked a heated conversation online once again, thanks to another 'controversial' performance.

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Entertainment  |  08 Sep 2022

Billboard and BandLab Partner To Amplify Underrepresented Artists, Through New BandLab Opportunities via ReverbNation

MUMBAI: All artists have the opportunity to apply for an exciting editorial feature to appear in Billboard, written by one of Billboard’s own music

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Entertainment  |  24 Apr 2021

Sam Smith' new tattoo honours their non-binary identity

MUMBAI: Singer Sam Smith has honoured their non-binary gender identity with a tattoo on the arm.

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Entertainment  |  02 Nov 2020

Sam Smith will date any gender

MUMBAI: Singer Sam Smith has declared they will no longer play by the rules, adding that their dating choices will not be restricted by gender.

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Entertainment  |  27 Oct 2020

Sam Smith wants kids by 35

MUMBAI: Singer Sam Smith says they want to have children by 35.

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Entertainment  |  19 Oct 2020

Sam Smith: I've always been non-binary

MUMBAI: Singer Sam Smith, who has in the past come out as non-binary, has now opened up about how having body dysmorphia helped them understand the

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Entertainment  |  10 Oct 2020

Martin Jensen, Alle Farben & Nico Santos join forces on new single ‘Running Back To You’

MUMBAI: Dance music icons Martin Jensen, Alle Farben and pop icon Nico Santos have linked up on new single ‘Running Back To You’, out now.

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