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Industrial Rock band GOMAD! & MONSTER contemplate human consciousness w/ new "Stillborn" music video & single, EP album 'Sickness' out April 26, 2024

MUMBAI: GOMAD! & MONSTER are an Industrial Rock band from Madrid (Spain). Their sound aims for the perfect synthesis of rock, metal, and electronic music, and they just premiered a new music video and single entitled "Stillborn". This is the second single & music video taken from their upcoming EP album Sickness which is scheduled to be released on April 26, 2024 via Eclipse Records. The album was produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Alejandro Tena (Persefone, Hamlet, Pirate Queen) at Alex Tena Studio, and the music video was directed by Sacra Visuals.

"Stillborn is an introspective song with a deeper message.” says drummer Ivy. “Musically, It's more melodic and accessible, easy to listen for the general public. This music video aims to graphically represent the sobriety of the song with simple visual resources to deepen in an intimate and personal message focused on very personal reflections, for which many people might feel represented.” Guitarist Doc Inari adds, “This video aims to showcase the more contemplative side of the human mind from a slightly pessimistic yet immensely honest perspective, addressing life's defeats through acceptance and resignation. It delves into self-abandonment with a focus on naturalness. Simple visuals are employed to emphasize the message and depict the individualistic nature of the lyrics, utilizing rain as a resource to enhance the melancholic character of the message.”

Sickness, the bold new EP by Gomad! & Monster, is an explosion of electronic rock, solidifying the distinct sounds of acidic drum n' bass, groovy hard rock, techno, and a galvanized hard metal edge sharp as a blade. This record boasts an aesthetic, complicated layering technique that hits us with multiple dimensions masterfully woven into a gorgeous, spectacular chaos. The vocals are robotic and hypnotic, the guitars edgy and exotic. The drums are all blood, guts, and backbone, while the synths create mystery and intrigue. Altogether, the music fashions a techno-mechanistic sense of wild, unbridled, and wonderful passion, reflecting, refracting, and finally glamorizing the seed of hope we are all taught to bury. Thematically, the record marks the third of four in the Apocalypse series, each EP representing one of the four horsemen, yet the music is also a burst of vibrant colors, an emotional kaleidoscope far more explosive than just gloom and doom. In other words, get ready to party in the pit, to dance and fight, to face desolation with defiant liberation. Listen to the record, and listen to it loud. Life is short. Play it. Life is a game. Slay it. Sickness was produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Alejandro Tena (Persefone, Hamlet, Pirate Queen) at Alex Tena Studio. The album cover art was designed by Edu Velasco. Sickness will be released on April 26, 2024 by Eclipse Records.

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Gomad! & Monster discography
The Inner Encouraged Desire (LP) - 2019

Sickness track listing
01. Ravearchy
02. Stillborn
03. You Must Be Ours
04. Blue Label Boring Machine

Gomad! & Monster lineup
Sebastian Shinobi (lead vocals), Doc Inari (guitar & backing vocals), Ivy (drums & backing vocals), Alex Tena (DJ & synths)