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News |  20 Feb 2024 19:44 |  By RnMTeam

Electric Deathbeat double up with 'A Ghost Triangle' and 'The Past Beats Of The Death'

MUMBAI : Hailing from Oulu, Northern Finland. Electric Deathbeat’s second album, A Ghost Triangle, continues the path with an upgraded boost which started with the debut album Dead Echo Paranoia in 2015. The band's own sound started to found between the years and more aggressiviness and straight-forwardness was found naturally. The album contains twelve versatile, catchy and modern melodic death metal songs. Different ranges of vocal styles, including clean, harsh and growls.

A Ghost Triangle encapsulates a hauntingly immersive sonic journey that plunges listeners into the depths of human mind. The thematic core of the album delves into the topics of depression, sorrow, hatred and the feelings that almost everyone unfortunately will face day by day.

The opener Acid Feast sets a relentless pace, showcasing the band’s mastery of versatility in its Finnish modern melodic death metal.

Destroy Eden continues the intense sonic assault, exploring themes about corruption and the state of the surrounding modern world, which ain’t got much hope ahead in many ways.

The first single Cycle of Loss shows musically the blend of aggressivity and melodic overall with a progressive twist.

Tracks like Immune and A Gale Inside the Tenth navigate the dictatomy between dividing feelings like sorrow, despair and the downfall of humanity.

The album’s midpoint unleashes the anthem Non Serviam a rallying cry of defiance against people who masters the game of manipulation and bringing chaos around us all. The track’s aggressive energy and rebellious spirit serve as a testament to Electric Deathbeat’s dedication to their craft and their refusal to conform to the norm.

Regenerate Babalon carries a mid-east feeling with its mystical sphere intertwining haunting melodies with crushing rhythms. Story based loosely to The Book of the Law by English author and occultist Aleister Crowley but brought into modern surrounding world.

Bodies is the least aggressive song in the album. Lyrically it is the continuation of sorrow and loss but also reveals a glimpse of hope ahead.

As the album progresses, tracks like Swallow Our Night, Sweet Vertigo and Concrete Waters weave together introspective lyricism with a sound of melancholy and depression inviting listeners to explore the depths of their own emotions within the dark and brooding atmosphere crafted by Electric Deathbeat. The song Concrete Waters also features Danish companion Lasse Sivertsen (Icarus7, ex-Submission, Raunchy [live]) as a guest singer.

The album culminates in the haunting finale Extinct Indeed, which was chosen to serve as a second single. It also shows where the band is heading after A Ghost Triangle. Even more death coming in a melodic collective blast.

A Ghost Triangle shows Electric Deathbeat’s musical prowess, showcasing their ability to seamlessly blend aggression with melody, delivering an album that not only pushes the boundaries of modern melodic death metal but also invites listeners to confront their inner demons and embrace the raw intensity of the human experience.


01. Acid Feast | 02. Destroy Eden | 03. Cycle Of Loss | 04. Immune | 05. A Gale Inside The Tenth | 06. Non Serviam | 07. Regenerate Babalon | 08. Bodies | 09. Sweet Vertigo | 10. Swallow Our Night | 11. Concrete Waters | 12. Extinct Indeed

The Past Beats Of The Death

The Deathbeaters wanted to let loose a few older songs which Juha composed back in 2013- 2014, even before the debut album was out.

These three songs have been in the live set every now and then. The EP is like the missing link between the formation of Electric Deathbeat and the debut album Dead Echo Paranoia.

The Past Beats Of The Death serves as a kind of bonus gift for the people due the long waiting between Dead Echo Paranoia and A Ghost Triangle. The band also felt that it’s time to wipe the state clean so to speak for the future endeauvours.


01. Liquid Tranceformation | 02. Under Thy Skin | 03. Lizard Mode Overdose

A Ghost Triangle & The Past Beats Of The Death | Released February 20th, 2024 via Sliptrick Records

Electric Deathbeat is:

Juha Vayrynen – Vocals/Guitars/Synths | Antti Vayrynen – Bass | Joni Alatalo – Guitars | Oskari Haapalainen – Drums | Jaakko Koskiniemi – Guitars (live)

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick