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News |  03 Feb 2023 12:43 |  By RnMTeam

When Chai Met Toast performs on PartyNite Metaverse

MUMBAI: India's most loved pop band ‘When Chai Met Toast’ (WCMT) performed a virtual live concert ‘Van Heusen MetaPlay’ on PartyNite Metaverse. WCMT’s debut live Metaverse concert was a huge success, thanks to the aura created by their infectious happy sound which transcends age, genre and even language, drawing in a whopping number of viewers from around the globe. The concert took place on the PartyNite Metaverse where the band won many hearts by performing their classical tracks, blending acoustic folk with indie rock tunes. The audience members had an unforgettable experience at PartyNite, where they got a chance to witness the artists’ avatars in a larger-than-life virtual concert.

Within the world of Partynite’s Metaverse, the audience was able to explore several marvelous opportunities by living vicariously through their Meta human avatars while experiencing an exotic Metaverse landscape. The event featured a metaverse apartment, a Van Heusen metaverse showroom, the concert arena and the concert stage. Following this sequence, the fans were seen jumping into the metaverse world, transitioning themselves from IRL (in real life) to virtual characters. The attendees had the liberty to explore the map, move around the city streets and finally reach the concert stage to witness the immersive concert. The event gathered momentum in no time, with thousands of avatars swarming the Concert venue. The show itself was around 30 minutes in duration and was filled with interactive moments.

Prior to the event, speaking about their gig on PartyNite Metaverse, ‘When Chai Me Toast’, said, “We are beyond excited for our fans to witness and enjoy the lineup we have worked on with incredible partners for this concert. It has been our motto to explore the boundaries of music with changing times. We are delighted to share our music with the diverse audience who will get to explore and experience a different kind of musical concert which they will not only attend but feel more immersed and involved in.”

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