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News |  05 Dec 2022 19:27 |  By RnMTeam

Indian movies that are popular in Europe

There is a unique phenomenon in cinematography that evokes strong emotions in the audience. But, of course, these are Indian films with their unique coloring. The music and dances of this movie attract millions of fans. These pictures are especially popular with the domestic audience, so the reproduction of stories is in high demand.

Now you can no longer be content with rare encounters with your favorite art form. Watching Indian movies at any time is the universal desire of visitors to online cinema. For many years, it was thought that translation in them was not necessary. However, the events are understandable without words, thanks to other means of expression. Indian culture is rich not only in movies but also in entertainment. For example, will help you learn about popular Indian sports.

 Why are Indian movies so popular?

The best Indian films convince the audience that all people are brothers and sisters. But not everything is as harmless as it seems at first glance. Behind the fun and mass dancing hide gruesome events: blood feuds, adultery, murder, and complex investigations. Special mention should be made of the choice of actors and scenery. They play a significant role in the success of online projects worldwide, even if the stories are simple and recognizable.

Colorfulness made watching pictures, even when they were not equipped with high-quality voice acting. Now you can enjoy the musical accompaniment and understand all the intricacies of the characters' relationships. It was made possible by the fact that Indian movies can always be found in a unique selection for fans of this direction of cinematography.

Today we will tell you about such movies:

  • The Great;
  •  Akanda;
  • Thursday and other.


The plot of this Indian film revolves around the evil bandit Gajendra, who is engaged in the extraction of natural resources and has thus made a considerable fortune. However, one day it turns out he is mining uranium, which is why children and adults are killed near the mines. When it seems that no one will take the side of the ordinary people, Akanda suddenly appears on the horizon, who has risen from the dead and is now ready to take revenge on all those who cause pain and suffering. He gradually takes out those who work for Gajendra, and one day he will indeed have the opportunity to fight the main antagonist.

The Great

At the center of the narrative is a guy named Gandhi, who has recently suffered a major upheaval. His wife has left him without warning, and now he must attempt to change his life radically. A few years pass, and Gandhi transforms from a simple school teacher into a prominent business person with a vast alcoholic empire. The main character significantly revised his outlook on life, and it bore fruit. However, on the way to achieving heights, Gandhi had to commit acts of which he could hardly be proud. What events will the primary character experience, and what difficulties will he overcome this time?


Naina lives and works in Mumbai. She has been raising children for many years, and she enjoys it. Naina works in a kindergarten in an upscale neighborhood of the city. A few months ago, she went on sick leave and was about to return to her duties. Once in the workplace, Nayna unexpectedly takes more than a dozen children hostage. She makes several demands that are sure to be met by the police to resolve the situation. For what reason does the protagonist suddenly decide to take the children hostage? What will she do if things don't go according to plan?


The protagonist of the film, a guy named Vir, one day meets a girl named Ishita. He fell in love with her at first sight, and after a while, Ishita reciprocated. Their romance develops rapidly, and the moment comes when the lovers decide to tell their relatives about everything. And the story takes an unexpected turn when Veer's brother Raj meets Ishita, and Ishita's sister meets Veer for the first time. The lovers couldn't have guessed that they were already well acquainted with each other's families. How will this exciting love story end? Will Vir and Ishita find happiness?

Jab Harry met Sejal

Harry and Sejal have known each other for years. They have been romantically involved for a long time, but they have never been able to get married. Then, one day, Sejjal loses the engagement ring she was given by her beloved not so long ago during a trip to Europe. Before you have a fascinating romantic story, the characters as if created for each other; during their crazy journey, they have to get to know each other better. The relationship between Sagel and Harry has to go through several complex tests, but everyone understands that this couple cannot be parted.


In the center of events is a short guy named Raj, who nevertheless tries not to be complex about it. He has long been accustomed to others not taking him seriously, and it does not surprise him at all. One day the main character meets a woman who dreams of millions of men from around the planet. They fall in love with each other, but Raj can not believe his happiness. Raj does not know what to expect from this romance because he is not used to the attention of such a beautiful woman. What will be the continuation of this fascinating story? How will the future relationship between Raj and his new partner develop?


The film's plot is based on an Indian poem by the famous mystic Malik Jayasi. The film is set in the year 1303. The powerful sultan Allauddin intends to go to war against the fortress of Chittorgarh and its rulers. So he gathers his entire army and sets out. Once near the city, the sultan informs his enemy Ravana Singh that he is ready to take pity on him and not use all his power. However, he makes one condition: Singh must give Allauddin his beautiful wife, Padmavati. What decision will the wise ruler make? Is he ready to accept the militant sultan's offer?


An Indian adaptation of the famous Korean film Ode to My Father. Bharat, the protagonist, knows perfectly well who he is and his parents. Despite this, he has no home and is constantly searching for himself. The protagonist started wandering the world many years ago and doesn't even think of stopping. Bharat has always been chasing new and exciting adventures, but there is bound to come to a point in his life when he wants to find his home. Will Bharat be able to change his way of life that much? Will he finally be able to find his true calling and purpose for which he will continue his journey?