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News |  31 Mar 2021 16:54 |  By RnMTeam

Apashe releases 'Lord & Master' music video, most ambitious visual to date

MUMBAI: Apashe has revealed the final music video from his groundbreaking Renaissance LP with the stunning visual accompaniment to ‘Lord & Master’, directed by longtime friend and collaborator, Adrian Villagomez. The magnum opus closes out a truly impressive string of music videos from the dynamic duo dating back to 2018’s ‘Majesty’, running through, ‘Good News’, ‘Uebok (Gotta Run)’, and ‘Behind My Eyes’, clocking in well over 20,000,000 views across 4 official videos.

The cinematic visual counterpart begins with a young dancer, Brontë Poire-Prest bracing to take the stage. Receiving notes prior to the performance, the audience is then flung into an anxiety-ridden situation following the performer as she fights for her life. Making her into something she’s not using several nods to well-known brands, the imperative message on the corporatization of art is conveyed with ease. Despite defeating her enemies, the dancer is immediately replaced by a new up-and-coming talent, echoing the harsh reality of fall in line or fall by the wayside in corporate showbusiness.

‘This is the story of a young and innocent prodigious dancer, on the cusp of becoming a star. During the rehearsal of her first big public appearance, she abruptly realizes that what was meant to be a beautifully orchestrated performance was in fact just a huge money-making production that prioritized profit over art - without much care for the young star and thus shattering the whole vision she naively had of an industry she had once dreamed of becoming part of. She then decides to fight against it, hoping to make a difference in a world where art is a product controlled by immense inhuman forces.’ - Apashe

A stellar closing-out to the era of Apashe’s critically acclaimed Renaissance LP, the music video serves as a perfect way for the renowned talent to top off such an immensely prosperous endeavor, one which saw him collaborate with a 69 piece symphonic orchestra in Prague, and film music videos in Japan, Russia, and Canada. Since its release at the beginning of last April, the 13-track offering has garnered over 65,000,000 hits across all streaming platforms, a highly impressive feat for any musician, and particularly a noteworthy recent benchmark for bass music as a genre. With this great achievement, the esteemed powerhouse has also seen success in the sync world, with his music throughout the years featured in numerous forms of media, such as Apple TV commercials, programs like the Deadliest Catch and Letterkenny, as well as video game trailers like EA NHL 21’s and Ubisoft’s Just Dance 2021’s, to name a few.

Additionally, his limited edition vinyl pressings of Renaissance, as well as exclusive merch, have all recently sold out within a matter of mere minutes. Hoodies and baseball caps were in high-demand, and have been followed up by a one-time collaboration with Los Angeles-based apparel company Electric Family, who has just released a long-sleeve Apashe-themed t-shirt and bracelet.

Apashe’s Renaissance LP has consistently provided great hits to enjoy for well over a year now, with each music video and remix released receiving much commendation from both eager fans and casual listeners alike. His accompanying visual counterpiece for the League of Legends mid-season celebration, Renaissance Live, as well as his performance at the Toboggan Festival at Jacques-Cartier National Park last December, marked major pivotal points, allowing the artist to truly bring his sonic art to life. With the closing of the Renaissance chapter this year, there is much to look forward to moving forward from the revered creative force.