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News |  23 Feb 2021 20:32 |  By Tolika Yeptho

People in general should change towards the less privileged section of the Indian society: Ankur Gupta

MUMBAI: A visually impaired musician, Ankur Gupta who might not be able to see colours but leads a colourful life with Music. He is also the Founder of an NGO called Golden Shine Cultural Welfare Trust where he teaches music to economically deprived and disabled people with a mission to empower them.

Ankur’s vision for the world is different, “Every person has a different vision and perspective about the things therefore being individual I also have a certain way of looking at things and the world around me. I am a social worker at heart and hands like to see people around me succeeding more than myself. I feel that music is one such thing that binds the world together since it knows no language, religion, caste and creed. I do make efforts every single day to become a better individual and better at my skills”.

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More than anything he feels it’s very important that the approach of the people in general should change towards the less privileged section of the Indian society. “If I may talk about persons with disability in particular, I still feel that most of us in the mainstream are reluctant in making them inclusive”. However, they have come a long way as far as NGOs and infrastructure is concerned, but things can still be better especially in the education sector.

Golden shine cultural welfare trust is his dream that he has brought up with his friends with utmost love and care over the last few years. Golden shine is primarily working towards providing free and quality music training to persons with disability. “We currently have about a hundred students taking regular music training. We have even successfully organised several music concerts which gave the all-important stage opportunities to various visually impaired artists”. In the year 2021, they aim to carry on their activities and spread it wider so as to benefit more and more people. They also plan to soon launch a skill development-based employment generation programme which will be about manufacturing Indian musical instruments by the hands of persons with disability.

Further, he revealed that he is working on some original songs and planned to launch one of them soon. “The lyricist of some of these originals is a very eminent and well-known name”.