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News |  02 Nov 2018 14:15 |  By RnMTeam

Quality of technicals, skill in India is as good as anywhere in the world: BLOT!

MUMBAI: Electronic music producer Gaurav Malaker, better known as BLOT!, has performed at legendary venues and festivals across the world. He says despite some shortcomings, the quality of productions and events in India is at par with global standards.

Malaker will perform at Red Bull Music Presents BLOT! Live in Mumbai on Friday. Titled Paradise Lost, it is an elaborate live three-hour set which has a direct reference to poet John Milton's work.

"Paradise Lost is a direct reference to John Milton's work but is also a fitting metaphor for my process in the studio. The fleeting moments of joy in the studio that come from making and discovering something beautiful but often not recognising it when it happens. Plagued by losing myself in trying to make it better, forgetting that I may have found what I set out to seek in the first place," Malaker told IANS of the thought behind the show.

Intended to be a demonstration of Malaker's journey and evolution as a producer, Paradise Lost is an attempt to bridge the gap between a live performance and a DJ set, and eventually combine the best of both distinct worlds into one show. 

In a career spanning a decade, Malaker has delivered immersive audiovisual sets and innumerable art installations both in India and abroad.

With a full-length album released on Universal Music in 2013 as well as a more recent release on iconic label Diynamic Music, Malaker has performed at fests and venues like Tresor and Bar25 (Berlin), Nuits Sonores (Lyon) and at London's South Bank Centre. 

What does he think of the music scene in India?

"I can say we are in the middle of a new revolution every day. It's dynamic and alive. It's amazing to be a part of this in India right now. The scene is only growing not only vertically but also laterally. This can only mean good things. The coming years are going to be the most exciting in establishing India as a space for unique and incredibly creative art across the discipline," he said.

Malaker feels India's current socio-economic and cultural conditions make it a distinct market that just cannot be compared to any other place in the world.

"Despite the seemingly apparent shortcomings, the quality of technicals, skill and professionals is as good as any other country I've ever played in. What makes it better is the resilience and the willingness of these people who go out of their way to make things happen.

"I have a very positive outlook and really admire and respect the people I choose to work with. For this show and many others, there's literally nothing that I'd do different even if I was playing anywhere else in the world," added Malaker, who had once played a six-hour closing set at Magnetic Fields Festival in 2015.

(Source: IANS)