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News |  21 Apr 2018 11:00 |  By RnMTeam

We have a huge audience for western music: Gary Lawyer

MUMBAI: The truth is ugly, but it’s best to face it and walk past the obstacles than stumble on them. Western musician Gary Lawyer has known the truth of western music in India for the last 17 years and has created a niche for his music, but the future is grim for the aspiring artists he states.

“Every show that I do is very successful. So, I’ve always got what I want. But, I don’t think western music is given any importance at all,” said this Frank Sinatra fan.

The artist who recently performed at Tata Theater feels that the city is running out of venues to perform. Moreover, the corporate or media is not promoting western musicians in India. “They have to understand that western music is not alien that we are an English speaking country. We have a huge audience for western music. But then there is no infrastructure or media support,” stated the singer.

On being asked what would be the future of music in India, he said, “Future in India is going to be Bollywood and more Bollywood. See the media support for it. How often do you read about a western musician? The scene is not thriving at all.”