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News |  08 Sep 2015 12:49 |  By IANS

50 Cent moving to Africa amidst bankruptcy

MUMBAI: Rapper 50 Cent has suggested he is moving to Africa and showed off a video of his new home.

The ‘Candy Shop’ hitmaker, who is currently embroiled in bankruptcy proceedings, has vowed to have the ‘craziest housewarming party ever’ once work on constructing his new abode is completed.

Sharing a video of the two-storey property's exterior, he wrote on Instagram, "My crib is almost finished in Africa.”

The video shows the brown and white property, which is surrounded by tropical trees, being attended to by construction workers before the footage pans across to show a swimming pool and vast patio area. It is unclear where the house is situated.

Apart from this, the rapper was also seen promoting alcohol brand Effen Vodka via his instagram account.