Entertainment  |  15 Sep 2022

Aabha Hanjura is back with yet another Sufistication folk Session that will make you groove this festive season!

MUMBAI: Aabha Hanjuri, a Sufi folk singer, songwriter, song writer, and ever-evolving live performer who has swept the charts with her viral hits a

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Entertainment  |  29 Sep 2015

Neeraj Arya's Kabir Cafe busy at work on several music projects

MUMBAI: Neeraj Arya’s Kabir Cafe is definitely an extremely busy band, with multiple projects on their plate at the moment.

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Mame Khan's Dessert Sessions
Photos  |  29 Sep 2015

Mame Khan's Dessert Sessions

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Entertainment  |  03 Aug 2015

Bollywood great platform for folk artistes: Tetseo Sisters

MUMBAI: Bollywood may be stereotypical and commercialised with its formula content, but offers a "great platform" for folk artistes to di

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Entertainment  |  28 Jul 2015

Bollywood is a purely money-driven industry: Indian Ocean's Rahul Ram

MUMBAI: The musical landscape of the Hindi film industry is constantly evolving, and Rahul Ram, vocalist and bassist of long-running folk rock band

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Entertainment  |  17 Jul 2015

The Ska Vengers to release new song and video, 'Frank Brazil'

MUMBAI: India’s first ska band The Ska Vengers will release their new song and video, ‘Frank Brazil’ on 31 July to commemorate the 75th death anniv

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Entertainment  |  10 Jul 2015

Did not intend to hurt anyone: Sona Mohapatra on 'Rangabati'

MUMBAI: Following a lawsuit that accused singer Sona Mohapatra and Rituraj Mohanty of distorting the original Sambalpuri cult song ‘Rangabati’ in t

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Entertainment  |  15 Jun 2015

Euphoria frontman Palash Sen talks about new film, album and TV series

MUMBAI: Lead vocalist of popular Delhi-based Hindi rock band Euphoria, Palash Sen, revealed that the band plans to document the making of its upco

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Entertainment  |  01 Jun 2015

A musical programme helps to raise Rs 4.5 crore for cow protection

MUMBAI: A programme of hymns and folk songs held for the cause of cow-protection in Gujarat evoked an astounding response - raising a staggering R

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Entertainment  |  08 Apr 2015

'Beyond Bollywood' shows India's folk culture: Composer Salim Merchant

MUMBAI: Composer Salim Merchant, of the hit Bollywood duo Salim-Sulaiman, said the Indian musical 'Beyond Bollywood' which premieres in London's W

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Biz  |  13 Mar 2015

Jodhpur Flamenco & Gypsy Festival 2015 returns with a mÚlange of soulful melodies and eclectic renditions

MUMBAI: Jodhpur Flamenco & Gypsy Festival 2015 returns with a mélange of eclectic renditions and soulful melodies in a resplendent celebration

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