Entertainment  |  18 Jul 2022

Ellie Goulding unveils 'Easy Lover'

MUMBAI: Ellie Goulding unveils ‘Easy Lover’ - a stunning slice of pop perfection that heralds a triumphant and long-awaited return - the first rel

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Entertainment  |  06 Sep 2021

Ellie Goulding: Acting brought out positive, energetic side of me

MUMBAI: Singer Ellie Goulding says that she now loves the challenge of acting.

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Entertainment  |  01 Mar 2021

Ellie Goulding used husband's coat to hide pregnancy

MUMBAI: Singer Ellie Goulding reveals she used her husband Casper Jopling's coat to hide her pregnancy for the first six months, to keep the news p

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Entertainment  |  13 Jan 2021

Hailee Steinfeld reacts on Taylor Swift's 'evermore'; based on her character

MUMBAI: After fans believed Taylor Swift released 'evermore' based on Emily Dickinson, her close friend, Hailee Steinfeld, reacted to the theory.

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Entertainment  |  17 Sep 2020

Ellie Goulding: It takes a lot of work to be a star

MUMBAI: Ellie Goulding is a globally popular singer, who won two BRIT Awards and has been nominated for Grammy and Golden Globe awards in the past.

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Entertainment  |  12 Sep 2020

Ellie Goulding: Would love to do a tour in India

MUMBAI: Singer Ellie Goulding says she would love to do a music tour in India, hopefully next year or after that.

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Entertainment  |  20 Aug 2020

Ellie Goulding doesn't remember much of her twenties

MUMBAI: Singer Ellie Goulding, now 33, says she spent her twenties pretty much in chaos.

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Entertainment  |  28 May 2020

Ellie Goulding unveils about new album 'Brightest Blue'

MUMBAI: Ellie Goulding’s fourth album “Brightest Blue” will drop July 17 and will be split in two parts, “Brightest Blue” and “EG.0”

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Entertainment  |  25 May 2020

Why Ellie Goulding was cynical about marriage

MUMBAI: Singer Ellie Goulding says her parents' divorce made her cynical about marriage for a long time.

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Entertainment  |  18 May 2020

Ellie Goulding fasts for 40 hours

MUMBAI: Singer Ellie Goulding says she occasionally fasts for "up to 40 hours" to maintain her figure, and insists that it is "safe".

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Entertainment  |  20 Apr 2020

Rolling Stones to participate in Lady GaGa's mega COVID-19 fundraiser concert

MUMBAI: Rock legends the Rolling Stones will perform at singer Lady GaGa's star-studded "One World: Together at Home" live streamed concert this we

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